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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 31st

Brandon Connelly by Bryan Nevin Media
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Ham & Eggs

Happy Easter!

Above: Image from Frisky Frolic

Although I respect and adhere to Easter's religious roots, like most holiday's it usually comes down to family, friends and food. Although feasting is a traditional way to celebrate most festivities, we in North American are not content with simply a delicious meal. On Easter, we purr over cute little bunnies while we scarf down cute little pigs. We add every form of candy possible from chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, both white and milk, chocolate chicks, Cadbury cream eggs, mini eggs (my favorite) and of course we can't forget peeps!

Above: Image from Caitiff photography

Giving in to self gratification, whether it be food or sex is sort of an odd thing. Society in many ways sends messages that it is bad and unhealthy to give in to our desires. At the same time, it creates a massive amount of industries that profit off our inability to say no. We are supposed to be 'good' most of the year and spurge on the holidays, yet if we did that, most of these business's would fail to exist. My annoying need to buck what society wants me to has me refusing to buy anything Easter related on Easter, while going crazy hunting down Cadbury mini eggs in May and June. Happy Easter everyone, enjoy your family, enjoy your friends, enjoy your day and especially....enjoy your food!

Above: Image from Alexandre CK

Man of Steel: Brandon Connelly by Bryan Nevin Media

Whether on screen or within the pages of a DC comic, Superman is generally depicted with jet black hair. If however, they ever decided to take a risk and cast the man of steel as a redhead, model Brandon Connelly looks every inch the part from his strong jaw to firm body ready to take charge. Readers of FH know Brandon is a favorite model of mine to feature (see previous posts HERE:) and I love this new series from photographer Bryan Nevin.

In this series, our Clark Kent looks right at home in his Metropolis Penthouse, looking over the city he has vowed to protect. As the sunlit day moves on to dusk, the city is quiet, giving our Clark the opportunity to relax and enjoy the peace and solitude.

Photographer Bryan Nevin says that he is not your average photographer. Bored quickly with what he calls the ordinary and plain, Bryan is picky about who he he works with and what he shoots. Bryan's goal is to work only with those that inspire him, not only to produce stunning imagery, but also to inspire him to be the best he can be. It makes sense then, that when shooting Brandon Connelly, the set up would be big.

I am not sure if it was intentional, but by slipping on that Superman t-shirt, and then, by slipping out of it, Brandon transformed seamlessly into a man, faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! The location, with those incredible windows with the amazing natural light Bryan pulls in, not to mention the fluffy clouds and rich blue sky, compliment the theme beautifully.

'Our collaboration was great! Brandon was super easy to work with. He has great features that the camera loves and he's versatile in terms of what looks he can pull off.'

Ostara: Vlad L by Mikel Marton

Ostara by Mikel Marton

The Vernal Equinox, born from Nehellenia: The moon of the underworld. From this point, day overcomes night. The witches of the Eastern star bow to her lady Ostara: shedding her adolescence as love-like liquid falls in cascades.
Happy Easter!

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Ghost of Easter Past:

If it's a holiday and your clicking onto FH you can be rest assured there will be holiday themed posts. Annoying to some I am sure, but holiday's and the themed images and stories which surround them, have a beautiful, erotic, sometimes painful yet powerful connection for me. I have attempted to explore the reason several times before on the blog but am not sure I ever really nailed it. Like many of you, especially those whose childhoods were not idyllic, holidays could be rough.

As bad as one might have been, I forever had the hope the next one might be better. To cope, kids often travel to the world of fantasy and this is a world I spent a lot of time in. I remember the holiday themed pictorials in magazines like Cosmo, Playboy and Playgirl which always held a strange fasination to me. It was as if I felt that if I could just get through a few more years, maybe what I fantized about, what I saw in the pictures, might be something I could actually experience.

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Above: Logan by takeurpicture

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