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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 17th

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Happy Easter!

Happy EASTER to all those celebrating this weekend!

I wish everyone a safe and peaceful holiday with firmly packed baskets!


Featuring the work of Roger from RMark Photography has become a bit of a FH tradition.  This Easter, Roger chose to honor Ukraine with the design above and their pysanka creating tradition. 

A pysanka (Ukrainian: писанка, plural: pysanky) is a Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs using a wax-resist method. The word pysanka comes from the verb pysaty, "to write" or "to inscribe," as the designs are not painted on, but written (inscribed) with beeswax.

On The Hunt....

'No bunnies gonna stop me from finding them all!'

In much of the world, Easter egg hunts involve children looking for hidden chocolate eggs.  In other parts of the globe however, the sought after treat is dramatically different.  Recently I've been reading about adult Easter huts, hunts that are a little more adult, and that give a whole new meaning to the term Easter basket.

In the European Island nation of Tescara, the hunters are the town's single women and the huntees... the town's single young men.  Every Easter, the town holds a Hunger Games style lottery to choose the participants.  Every male in the area are included in the lottery on the year of their 18th birthday.  On Easter Saturday, five names are drawn for the hunt.

As for the hunters, 20 women are chosen to hunt.  The women can be of any age from 18 to 80, the only requirement is that they be single.  They also cannot have, won the Easter hunt before.  The hunt occurs on a local farm and begins at 2pm sharp.  The guys are required to strip completely naked and are given only a pair of bunny ears, a straw hat and a bit of hay to hide their goodies.

The guys are given 15 minutes to find somewhere on the farm to hide before the towns horney single ladies are let loose.  Their goal, to grab and bring back the straw hat of one their prey.  The first four women to find a hat, and uncover their basket, wins a night out with the guy whose hat they grabbed.  The fifth guy, the last one with a hat, wins a cash prize and his choice of single ladies to go out with that night.  I've not heard of any male on male basket grabs yet, but I'll be sure to keep on hunting for more info!

Lights On Studio: Bunnies & Chicks & No Shows Oh My!

'For a short while I was distraught that the session would not be a reality.'

Some FH viewers might have noted a recurring issue with some of this past year's holiday shoots from Tom Nakielski. (Lights on Studio)  It all began last Christmas, when the scheduled model didn't show up for his holiday shoot. The model had some great excuses, so Tom gave the model another chance and book him in for a Valentine's Day themed shoot.  Again, the model flaked and was a no-show.  The model was very apologetic, and again had 'good' reasons for not showing up...

Tom is a generous guy, and really wanted to work with the model and decided to give it one last kick at the can.  An Easter shoot was scheduled.  Tom and the model kept in close contact including the days before the scheduled shoot.  Before buying any props, picking up the bunnies and chicks, Tom got reassurance from the model that he would indeed be there.  Guess what... he again didn't show.   Three strikes and your out!

Thankfully, Tom's solid reputation and professionalism has led to loyalty and respect from the many models he's work with over the years.  Some of you may remember that Hansel stepped in at the last minute for the Christmas and New Year's Eve themed shoots. (HERE: & HERE:) Tony, who lives near Tom' studio, saved the day for this year's Valentine shoot. (HERE:

 For the Easter shoot, Tom was at the studio when he got an e-mail, not a phone call or text, from the model who was scheduled for the shoot.  With the set ready, and with the bunnies and chicks ready for their close-ups, Tom made a frantic call to Tony in order to salvage the day.  Thankfully, Tony was able to rearrange his schedule and make it to the studio in order to save Easter for Tom, and for FH!

'Tony came at the last minute. I was ready to chalk it up and say this Easter shoot is not going to happen. I had to return the bunnies that evening and I didn't think I could find a model who could get to the studio in a timely fashion. Luckily Tony came to the rescue and said he could do it. I had no backup plan because I was so sure my scheduled model would not let me down.'

Tony ended up being the perfect model to step in and save the day.  As an animal advocate, Tony was incredibly caring, sweet and patient with his furry and feathered fellow models.  Tony's always had a passion for animals and is set to start his Veterinarian Science studies this fall.  Tony's number one priority during the shoot was ensuring the animals were cared for and not stressed out with any aspects of the shoot.

'The bunnies were very mellow. Occasionally they would squirm a bit but calmed down in a second. The chicks are a bit more of a challenge. sometime they would jump out of the basket or wouldn't be facing the right direction or were all hunched up and looked like a flattened Peeps. This was all expected and par for the course. I knew that when working with live animals you have to be patient and go with the flow. You can't just tell a chick to stay and sit pretty'

Working with animals is nothing new for Tom.  Some of you might remember his previous Easter themed shoots featuring hot men with cute little bunnies, (HERE:) and adorable baby chicks. (HERE:) As a professional photographer, Tom often shot holiday and Easter themed imagery with his clients, almost all of which included baby animals or family pets. 

'Over the years I had an Easter Kids Special. These specials always involved animals. I've had shoots featuring bunnies, chicks, ducks and even a lamb  These bunnies were borrowed from a friend who has a lives about 1 1/2 hours away. . The chicks came from a local pet store. The bunnies were returned to their owner that night and the chicks were given to a lady who has a small farm and is willing to take them every year that I use them.'

As you can see, bunnies and chicks weren't the only beautiful creatures posing au natural with tasty Tony.  A fellow photographer, and former employee of Tom's shares the studio space and was also having an Easter session, hers however with kids.  Cari's session was over, and the kids all at home by the time Tony arrived for the shoot. Tom was able to utilize some Cari's background and some of her props, including the birdcage that Cari had  bought for the session.  Cari had decorated the cage with greenery making it perfect to include in Tom's shoot. 

It was Cari who found and brought the butterflies.  They came in a state of semi-hibernation in a refrigerated box, but come to live when the box is opened they are warmed up and have a wee sip of Gatorade. The kids love them, and so did Tom who was anxious to incorporate them into his shoot. When the shoot was over, Tom simply opened the studio door and the butterflies flew free.  If you're in the Lansing area and see a butterfly, it just may have spent some time