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Favorite Pic of Day for November 8th

Specular Reflection of David
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Happy Birthday today November 8th

Happy 87th to actor Alain Delon!

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Traitement de Choc (Shock Treatment) 1973

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Seasonal Sightings:

12 Days: Christopher Russell in Yellowstone Romance

'Olivia learns that after a whirlwind romance her best friend since childhood is getting married and moving from New York to a ranch in Wyoming.'

So, given Olivia (Stephanie Bennett) is the movie's lead, and given it aired last on Hallmark, you just know our spunky heroine decides to also head to Wyoming, the reason, to plan a bachelorette retreat for her, her childhood friend and their mutual gay bestie.  

Of course, Olivia is a city girl, and things don't always go as planned, especially when she finds herself falling for the Dude ranch owners son Travis, played by actor Christopher Russell.  The movie was watchable, but the draw for me was definitely Russell, and actor I've crushed over since first seeing him in the Hallmark Christmas movie Mr. 365.

Hallmark isn't known for showing skin, so when Russell pulled off Christmas shirt in Mr. 365, I was a smitten kitten and find out more about the Hallmark hunk and put together a post. (HERE:)  Since then, I've made sure to set my DVR whenever I see Russell in the credits.

I'm behind on my viewing, and although this film aired over a month ago, I finally just watched this past weekend.  It had me wondering why Hallmark goes from Autumn to Christmas, pretty much skipping over Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I know some get in the holiday mood early, but I'm not ready for Christmas films until the end of November.   Although there have been a few films that feature pumpkins and turkeys, I wish there were more devoted to the holidays leading up to Christmas.

Hallmark does however, usually get it right with casting, especially with Christopher Russell.  Usually gun shy about showing skin, they also seem to know a shirtless scene with this particular actor is required, no.. make that expected and demanded by viewers.  I don't expect Hallmark to every show nudity, but this scene, as tame as it is, is the closest they usually come.

David: Peach & Tranquility

'I grew up being very self-conscious of my body and often wore a lot of layers of clothing to cover myself. One day I was all alone on a remote hike and I decided to get naked. It was such a freeing experience. Just me, alone in nature, completely bare. It helped me start to see my body differently and feel more comfortable with myself.'

Regardless of whom I'm featuring on FH, my focus is always on their story.  It doesn't really matter to me whether the model or photographer is a professional, or an amateur,  it's their passion for their art that usually draws me to their imagery. This past spring, I was introduced to David through his social media pages on Instagram and Twitter.

David describes himself as simply a Southern California gent who enjoys showing his 🍑 in nature. And oh, what a beautifully ripe and juicy Prunus persica 🍑 David shows and shares.  The key words however in David's description of his work wasn't peach, the words that most described what I was so enjoying in his images were enjoy and nature.

As incredibly hot as David's body and behind are, the light and energy in his work comes from the obvious joy he has being naked in nature  David's smile lights up so many of his shots, and if I'm any example, is infectious to those viewers enjoying his work.  Although it's about to turn to winter here in the North East, in Southern California, David's unending summer studio is always open when he's up for a shoot.  

Mountains, trails, parks and beaches are the main locations David most likes to visit and shoot, especially early in the morning when he less likely to run into fellow hikers and looky loos.  When I contacted David about his work, I not only wanted to feature his images, I also wanted to know what sparks his passion and sustains his joy.  David generously agreed to share both.

What prompted you to first share your images on-line? 
One night in 2020 it came up in conversation with a couple good friends that I like to hike naked and often take pictures on my adventures. They gave me the idea of sharing on Instagram, but I didn’t think anyone would want to see my pics. That week I started finding all these guys who share my interest online and I set up my first account (currently on my third version-insta keeps shutting my accounts down) 

Did you have any concerns or issues before hand or after? 
I was nervous family would discover my pics online. Thankfully I was able to get some pointers from others to keep it secret.  

Do your family/friends know of your hobby and online images? 
Select friends do know and I’ve made a number of new friends through Instagram connections. But no, no family knows…to my knowledge. 

Is being naked in nature a particular draw for you? 
Yes, for me the connection with nature is the main draw for me. There is a peace that comes from being completely free in nature. I consider myself a naturist, not a nudist. 

Any issues with nature, weather, bugs, critters? 
People always ask me about bugs, although I’ve never had a problem with them. 

What about human critters, have you ever been caught shooting naked? 
I have been caught a couple times, but no one has been upset. One time a guy thought it was epic I was trying to get a nude shot on the peak of a mountain above LA. He asked if I wanted help taking the pictures. If it’s a popular trail, I usually start hiking pretty early to avoid people. Though that can make for a cold start in the fall and spring time.

Do you have a ‘dream’ scenario that you’d love to shoot? 
I would love to get to some waterfalls. There aren’t many in Southern California though. 

What is the best compliment you’ve got on your body or butt? 
Haha. I’ve had a few people propose. 

Do you shoot all the images yourself or do you sometimes have help? 
Most of the time I hike alone. It’s my way to get away from the busy day-to-day life. When I am alone I usually have a tripod with me. Sometimes I do have a friend join on a hike and it’s easier to get a lot of good pics.. 

You’ve done a few naked hikes with friends, how is the experience different than being alone? 
Yeah, hiking with a friend is fun. The shared experience of being nude platonically and enjoying nature can’t be beat. 

What is your favorite location to shoot in? 
I love getting to a peak. There are tons of local mountains that are varying levels of difficulty to hike. The feeling of accomplishment at the top is so powerful. And the pics are always fun! 

What motivated you to start an OnlyFans page and what can viewers expect?
So I started my only fans because I wanted to keep my Instagram more artistic and non-sexual. I loved the community that I found through Instagram, but, I always get asked to show more... After a lot of hesitation I decided to try it out. So right now I mostly show behind the scenes of my nature adventures-undressing, posing for pics, a little more sexual than I show on Instagram and Twitter  I also have been showing off the fun underwear people send me from my Amazon wish-list.