Monday, February 11, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 12th

Normally most forms of communication, like talking on your cell phone or texting, annoy the shit out of me when done in public. Eros Adonis however has the ability of capturing even the most mundane of tasks incredibly erotic! Look for more later in the week!

Happy Birthday today February 12th

Actor Jesse Spencer turns 33 today. I have not checked out Chicago Fire yet, anyone watching? Check out Jesse and more February 12th birthdays HERE: & HERE:


Ford model Matthew Terry got a lot of attention for showing off his Calvin's during the Superbowl. When researching Matthew however, this shot by photographer Carlotta Manaigo for Document Journal was one of my favorites. I know some people have an issue with cigarettes with models, but like any other form of art, I respect the choice of the artists and in this case the result is an incredible image. Matthew sort of looks like a young Marlon Brando by the angle of the shot.

When There's A Will...

Some of you may have read about 71 year old Ray Fulk. Fulk who died last summer and willed his estate to actors Peter Barton and Kevin Brophy, two actor he admired, but had not actually ever met. Fulk left them an estimated half a million dollars each.


'What Fulk did have, though, was an admiration for actors Kevin Brophy and Peter Barton, whom he had never met. He admired them so much that he left his estate to be split between them.'
ABC News

Admiration??? I love me some Peter Barton, he is a beautiful man whom I have covered many times on FH But has he, or Brophy, really done any truly riveting work? Regardless, good for them. You just know that somewhere Leif Garrett is PISSED!

With Louis Gossett Jr. in The Powers Of Matthew Starr

Is that a bit of Barton ball?

Below with Scott Baio and William R. Moses

From Grammy To Fanny

Although I thought Rihanna and the Bob Marley tribute were incredible, it was Kelly Clarkson who to me slayed it with the Grammy's best performance of the night. Kelly did what she did best and something other performers should try to do more, sing the hell out of a song! I am not sure exactly what Carrie Underwood was trying to do there, but I give it a resounding FAIL! I also don't think Harry, or anyone for that matter, is too broken up about no longer being with Taylor Swift, especially with her inablity to spark much energy, or vocal talent, during her opening number.

I had forgotten what a great performer Justin Timberlake is, it has been awhile since he has appeared regularly on award shows. Timberlake looked dapper and hot as hell and although I have yet to really get into his new music, I did enjoy him last night. I only wish Justin, and well any singer for that matter, would realize that bringing Jay-Z on the stage with them, or into their songs, never really adds anything, usually, it just takes away.

Of course seeing Justin reminded me how long it has been since I have featured him on FH. His last few movies have not really made much of an impact so it is great to see him returning to music.

I never thought when I was younger listening to NSYNC that we would ever get a viewing of the Timberlake toosh but although the movie was not great, Friends With Benefits did provide us a pretty good look!