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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 4th

Alan by Creative Bodies
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What Are?

Your tips when sleep tries to outrun you?

Kudo's to Choke:

Glee has continued to have it's ups and downs this season. When down, the hour can be a painful one, when up, it can be the best hour of television of the week. I thought this week's episode, Choke was, thus far, the best episode of the season.

Dot Marie Jones as Shannon Beiste is a 'breath of fresh air' as far as television characters go. Sadly, the producers have not used her much lately. The show has a nasty habit of pushing some really great characters like Shannon and Emma, not to mention Tina and Mike to the sidelines far far to often. Although a Tina centred episode is coming soon, their treatment of certain characters is moving from annoying to almost mean spirited. Beiste was the perfect character to have your audience feel for. Although so inappropriate, I begrudgingly admit to loving the one liners that came from NeNe Leakes.

The countdown to graduation has been on for this show since last year. Ryan Murphy continues to show up every time a microphone is present and instead of learning from the past, cannot seem to stop himself from putting his foot in his mouth.

Rumors do indicate a cast member or two will be leaving at the end of the season, but who knows. The shows star has moved this season from Lea and Chris to Darren Criss. Although I have not counted, he seems to be getting a fair share of the songs. I love Darren but why this show cannot find a way of sharing the spotlight over a 20 plus season is beyond me. Even powerhouse Amber Riley is only trotted out to sing on occasion then pushed to the background with the Irishman and the Chang's. Personally two of my favorites, Diana (already spoiled by Lynch) and Harry sadly, along with Mark, seem the most at risk.

These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New: NYC by Richard Rothstein

Shubert Alley:

I remember vividly the first time I was in New York City. It was the early 90's and I was still officially, (at least for a few more years) a teenager. We had flown into Newark and the entire bus ride from New Jersey to Manhattan was like Christmas Eve. The excitement and anticipation of what lay ahead was wonderfully intense. The entire week of that first visit was a visual feast, my eyes devouring new, yet familiar delicacies one after another.

The New York Public Library:
Patience and Fortitude:

New Yorker's can spot a tourist a mile away. Living anywhere though, even New York, can make it difficult to see the beauty that is around you each and every day. I walk the same pathway almost every night with my animals. Not every night, but every once in awhile the beauty along that path hits me; When the lupin's are in bloom, lining each side of the pathway with a purple border, in Autumn when all around and above are orange, brown and red, and in the winter when the tree's are snow filled and my footprints are the first ones venturing forth on the path that day.

42nd Street & the Chrysler Building:

For Richard Rothstein, the beauty that is New York is not something he sees or doesn't see, it is simply a part of him. In all of his images whether it be a roof top clown, or concrete alley. New York is as central to the image as the model. Richard Rothstein, even after inhabiting the city for decades, still looks at the city the way I did that first time in the early 90's. New York is not just the backdrop, it is the driving force directing where and why the model is there to begin with.

Bank Of America Building:

Dropping Trou is a staple of Richard's work, but his new series, placing models at some of the city's most well known landmarks, is yet another visual and erotic feast for the eyes, and another tribute to the city of the artist it inspired. The shot below of Rod in Bryant Park is now my screen saver, my favorite of the series. The model surrounded by the green at night, incredible!

The rules of engagement are simple, Richard works between the hours of 3 am and 6 am, and...he works fast, framing the shot, waiting for the all clear and then shooting in under a minute. Richard does not tempt fate by working slowly or having Rod naked for more than a minute or so. As for passerbyers, Richard says the people on the streets at those hours are usually hammered or crazy and don't give a damn.

Bryant Park:

'I grew sick and tired of that damned Travelocity Gnome and decided to promote my hometown in a way that would truly resonate. So think of Rod as my own personal Travelocity Gnome. Ultimately, Rod and I will visit all major iconic New York City locations. Along the way we'll be joined by a few of our other magical friends. Up next: the Empire State Building, the Flatiron Building and the Washington Square Monument.'
Richard Rothstein

Times Square:
Richard Rothstein's MANHATTAN MEN

Creative Bodies: Rhythm & Flow

The image above of J.R was the image that first brought me to the work of Creative Bodies. There is a beautiful and erotic elegance to the image often restricted to images of female models. So many photographers who shoot the male form, (you know who they are...) almost seem to think a man can be only be photographed as strong or sexy if the focus is narrowed to just penis and muscle. Although I like many of those images, my favorite photos are those in which the photographer of the man include the hu within the image as well.

Above: J.R

The most successful human beings that I have met are not always the ones with the best jobs, who make the most money or have the most sex. Although these often accompany success but they don't define it, they are more the result from it. The most successful humans I know are the ones who are connected to the rhythm and flow of life. Call it the quiet music in your mind as we all go through each day. It flows through everything, from how you wakes up, get through your work day, your passions, hobbies and relationships. If your able to listen, to hear, it is always there.

Below: Alan Valdez
Alan Valdez onFH

We all know those people, God love em, they try so much. They work hard, but never really get ahead. Exercise, but never really get in shape. Take chances, yet nothing really ever goes completely their way. Then, there are others, who, without even trying, glide through their day with an easy flow that those around them couldn't quite emulate if they tired.

Those people gliding have not discovered any great secret. We all have the ability, but some sadly don't believe the ability actually exists. This ability, to connect to the rhythm around us, to see, and then care. about the flow within the people we interact with, and the challenges we meet, creates the magic some people have and some people don't. It is almost like a life soundtrack, music no one but you can hear, that inspires and pushes you throughout the day.

For some reason, this quality, this Rhythm & Flow is what spoke to me when spending times with the images from Creative Bodies. The images capture graceful movement, men who are in touch with who they are and how they relate to the environment around them. Except for J.R, models Alan, R. Luis and Vincent have all appeared on FH before. They are popular models, not just with viewers, but with image creators. They have something beyond their bodies which comes through in their work.

Below: R. Luis
R. Luis on FH

When your shooting models like Alan and R. Luis, who have had almost every inch of their body captured by a long list of successful and talented photographers, the challenge is to find a new way to shoot them and bring out something not seen before. Looking at the man, their body, in a new and creative way.

Below: Vincent WolFang
Vincent WolFang on FH

It is not surprising then to find out the artist behind Creative Bodies has a background in music. Most everyone I know who has tapped into their own musicality has a more natural flow and connection to what surrounds them. Modeling was once a way to finance his music, and now music is forever intertwined within his photography.

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