Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 12th

Do you remember Dominic from last week's 'pic of the day'?

Happy Birthday today January 12th to:

He sported the mullet even before Billy Ray and it is hard to believe Tommy Puett is turning 40 today!

Check out other birthday boys for today; Kieron Richardson, Olivier Martinez and Anthony Andrews HERE: And Tommy along with Will Rothhaar, Andrew Lawrence, Ryan McGoldrick, Whitney Osentoski and Sid Owen HERE:


I wasn't born when All In The Family hit the airwaves 40 years ago today but I certainly realize it was ground breaking television. Thanks to DVD I have been able to watch the entire series, and much of the tv dynasty from it's creator Norman Lear. All In The Family spun off The Jefferson, Maude, Gloria and Archie Bunkers Place. Maude spun off Good Times and The Jeffersons spun off Checking in. Now, time to get more of Maude on DVD!

Just Becuase: Snow

Above: Colin Dobson

Today, most of us in North America have been doing what Colin Dobson is doing, shoveling snow. Colin found a way to raise some money at the same time (and not going door to door).