Friday, November 16, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 17th

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Happy Birthday today November 17th

One of these 80's TV hunks is blowing out candles today,
find out which one HERE:

Kudos to Jeff Rohrer

'If I had told the Dallas Cowboys in the 1980s that I was gay, I would have been cut immediately.'

If you have watched the news the last day or two, you've most likely seen the story of retired Dallas Cowboys linebacker and Yale University graduate Jeff Rohrer and his upcoming wedding to fiance Joshua Ross. The story of two men marrying isn't, thank goodness, isn't really the news, it's that even in 2018, Rohrer is the first gay NFL player, former or current, to marry another man, or at least to be open and go public about it.

First Snow of the Season

There is nothing like the first snow of the season to get everyone in a tizzy. For some, it's about driving, especially without their winter tires on yet.  For some, it means they can bring out their skies and for many, it's joy and excitement.  Snow is the most striking visual signal that Christmas and the magic of the holidays are on their way. 

This week marked the first major snow for most of us in the North East.  And... although we get a 'first' snow every year, some seem always surprised.  This years first snow was met with traffic jams, accidents and multiple car pile ups. It's as if many forget or bury memories of the winter before.

 Count me in with the group who still gets exited.  I have to admit that my excitement is't as strong as it used to be, but opening my bedroom window this morning, to see blankets of white, that tingle of childhood exhilaration and anticipation was alive and well.

I have been looking forward to featuring these shots of Matthew Dunston by takeapic4u for awhile now, but held off until the snowflakes started to fall.  FH readers are familiar with Matthew from my previous stories (HERE:) and he certainly adds the heat to take the chill off the long winter ahead.

In the Clouds: Sergey by Richard Rothstein

'I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.'
Nathaniel Hawthorne

There is something beautifully powerful, and also beautifully fleeting, about the late October and early November sun.  During the summer, the sun's heat cascades over skin already warm and moist from the hot and humid round the clock temperatures.

By mid to late October, although still officially Autumn, winter winds have set in, and throughout most of the winter, the sun's heat, although still warm, can't compete with snow, ice and sub zero temperatures.

There is however, that brief, but beautiful window in mid Autumn.  Brisk fall days that are cool, but not too cold.  The heat from the sun still has the strength to sensually warm the skin as it cascades over the body.  It's an exhilarating sensation, one that energizes, excites and stimulates the body move and dance in the brief moments in time before the window to winter takes over.

Two artists took advantage of this window, heading to the roof to creatively tap into the energy of the Autumnal sun and sky.  Photographer Richard Rothstein and model Sergey Sheptun headed to the roof top on two separate fall day.  The first, in late October, produced this set of stunning images, and the second, took place in early November.  To see the results from the second shoot, check them out on Page 2 HERE:

'Sergey has become a very close friend. Sergey is completely uninhibited and always up to try new things and quite often coming up with new things on his own. He’s also one of the most agile and graceful men I’ve ever known; he’s a professional dancer and is able to communicate emotions and thoughts with his body and the movement of his body that very few models can achieve. He speaks with his body.'

There have been so many creative combinations I have featured over the last decade on FH, photographers and models who's artistic energy blends so beautifully together leading to visually compelling and inspiring collaborations.  Sergey and Richard have certainly become a powerfully dynamic duo over the last year working together dozens of times on story driven shoots beautifully weaving together Richard's creative eye behind, and Sergey's abilities in front of the camera.

'I really feel like the camera is engaged in a passionate conversation when we shoot. And I think that is because of the connection between us and the affection between us. When we work together there’s a really special chemistry that blends humor, wit, sensuality and imagination. We are working to create something beautifully surrealistic, but we also work to please each other. All of that makes our collaboration special and surprising—at least for us.'

'The roof in these images is our roof. We live in the same building in the roof shoots have been mostly spontaneous. The mood hits and we’re up there. It’s like shooting in the clouds.'

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 16th

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Un-Seasonal Sightings

Unfortunately, speedo season is over where I live, but thanks to Adam Rippon and Attitude Magazine, we can squeeze the season for a little while longer.

Curvaceous Cleavage

Instagrams that Inspire: ThatsJoerg

'I was 8 the first time I went to the gym with my father.'

Ten years later, 18 year old Jörg Grinvald achieved international fame when he was just 14 with his transformation videos that he shared on his popular Youtube channel. The natural bodybuilder isn't trying to get huge physically, but is looking to make it big in the fitness industry and inspire others with his story and his work outs.

Jörg Grinvald on Instagram | Youtube

Ever the gentlemen, Jörg has not problem sharing the spotlight, often posing with his buddies.

Top of the World: Sergey by Richard Rothstein

'The roof in these images is our roof. We live in the same building in the roof shoots have been mostly spontaneous. The mood hits and we’re up there. It’s like shooting in the clouds.'

When we saw the sun and the temp we ran upstairs to have some fun! The architecture, skyline and open sky inspire different feelings and moods for both of us, imagining Greek gods on Mount Olympus. The place inspires the classical beauty and form of Greek statues, heroes and gods.

Almost 500 feet above the city, one feels an energizing balance of serenity and power. The relationship between man and city is invigorating, inspiring and oddly sensual. Obviously you’re standing in a forest of massive phallic symbols. You strip naked and dance with the gods, standing in and even above the clouds.