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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 14th


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R.I.P Mr. Robinson

When I was a kid, I loved actor Charlie Robinson on Night Court.  More recently, I really enjoyed his role on Mom.  I was also very surprised, to find, and post about an early nude scene of a young Robinson in 1971's Drive, He SaidCheck it out HERE:   R.I.P Mr. Robinson

Casting 101


It's clear the US version of Big Brother was watching, and learning from it's Canadian counter part.  This years Canadian Big Brother had a diverse cast and  crowed it's first non-white winner.  I have not yet seen this summer's US version, and am not sure I'll actually have the time, but that doesn't mean I haven't noticed all the images on-line of this years cast.

Not only is the show about half people of color, there seems to be at least 2 or 3 players who identify as LGBTQ.  Despite the diverse cast, those in casting still ensure to cast more than a few hunks with modeling on their resumes.  Some, like Christian and Xavier, didn't identify themselves as models to their housemates, but that probably was wise.  The 'self-identified' models in the past, were usually not given much respect and ejected from the game pretty quickly.




Photographic Porn Stars: Ian Roebuck

Earlier this year, I posted an image of beautiful nude male model in front of a window. (HERE:)  I asked if any FH readers knew of the model or photographer after I failed to come up with a credit after searching. Sometimes that happens when an image is cropped, which was the case with the image I had found and used. 

Recently, a long time viewer and supporter of the site wrote letting me know the model was BelAmi model and porn star Ian Roebuck. Unfortunately, like many other adult websites, BelAmi doesn't provide photographer credits for it's promotional images.  Too bad, as I really loved not only the model, but the location, and set-up and poses for the shoot.  A beautiful set, a step above, many images used to promote models in adult films. 

The photographer was clearly looking to capture a bit more than just Ian's body parts, but his whole beautiful body and face.  The artist also captured an erotic mood, something I really liked in the original window shot that I first posted:

'Ian Roebuck is in person one of the quietest and tamest of our models. Although at the moment he only has 1 scene online, he will be coming up in 2018 when he will be featured in our Jambo Africa series. '
Bel Ami

Ian Roebuck
Zodiac: Libra 
Height: 178 
Dick type: Average 
Hair color: Light Brown 
Dick size: 15.5 
Eye color: Green 
Weight: 64

With Jon Kael

Kyle MacLachlan in Blue Velvet

' I'm seeing something that was always hidden. I'm in the middle of a mystery and it's all secret.'
Jeffrey Beaumont

Blue Velvet was only actor Kyle MacLachlan's second film.  His first film, also directed by David Lynch, was 1984's Dune.  Give how highly Dune was promoted, and then  poorly it was received by critics, some believe Lynch cast MacLachlan in Blue Velvet as a way to make up for it.  This was also the young actors first nude scene, and what an epic and memorable nude scene it was...

Jeffrey can only watch as Dorothy goes to the kitchen and returns with a large knife with which she threatens him, making him come out of the closet and be an active participant in what had been, up to that point, a benign if risqué little adventure for him. By forcing Jeffrey to strip for her so she can see him, Dorothy objectifies the voyeur at the same time Lynch strips his compromised hero bare. “What do you want?” Dorothy asks once Jeffrey is down to his underwear (which, like the towel Dorothy just had on, is red). “I don’t know,” he meekly replies, remaining stock still while she slips off his last remaining article of clothing and fondles and kisses him. 

Throughout this part of the scene, Lynch frames MacLachlan so the viewer only gets a three-quarter view of his behind, but when Jeffrey and Dorothy are startled by the knock at the door heralding Frank’s arrival, his manhood is exposed during his mad dash to the closet, where he watches impotently while Frank and Dorothy play out their sordid scene of depravity. 
Crooked Marquee

In addition to Lynch giving us a great, and lengthy view of MacLachlan's butt, not to mention the rare frontal in mainstream movie, it was MacLachlan's look, and his performance as Jeffrey that made the scene so dangerously hot.  Rolling Stone's Rich Cohen described MacLachlan as the boy next door, if that boy spent lots of time alone in the basement.  

Maclachlan's Jeffery was one of the first times I remember seeing such a great blend of wholesome with kink and fetish.   In most films, you could count on the boy next door being just that, but as most of us , being cut know, usually through experience... having a sweet with an innocent face can more often than not lead to unexpected trouble...  With bad boys, the trouble is right there in view, with the wholesome guys, it's often under the surface, hidden, but waiting for a reason for release. 

All the scenes that I had with Kyle were very difficult. We had to be naked, so we were, of course, a closed set. We had a moment that was very difficult and we asked David, 'Do we have to go that far?'" and he would say, "Yes, yes!
Isabella Rossellini