Thursday, May 27, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 28th



Happy Birthday today May 28th

Happy 38th to actor Toby Hemingway

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The Covenant (2006)

Seasonal Sightings

FaVorites: Pretty Rickey


Pretty eyes, pretty face, pretty lips, Pretty Rickey

Back Issues: Playgirl, March 1982

Behind the Scenes: 

'Some women claim it's the eyes.  Some, it's the smile.  But when it comes to turning them onm most women will agree that it's what's behind that really counts.'

March, 1982

Chance Glances

'You look up and suddenly you see him---naked, relaxed and unconsciously seductive.  It's a secret, sensual scene that makes you go weak and sends hot flashes of excitement through your body.  So remember to look out for chance glances like these.  Unexpected pleasures are always the best!'

Demian Wolf: Man of the Month

This month's romantic vision materializes in the form of Demian Wolf, Playgirl's man for March.  This six foot five inch, 200 pound native of Miami Florida is an apprentice actor and a member of Mensa, the society for people with extremely high IQ's.

'I joined Mensa because I thought it would be interesting to mingle with the intellectual upper crust.  But, they're really not too different from any other people you meet.'

Demian characterizes himself as very flexible and independent.  His taste in music includes classical harpsichord, ew wave and reggae.  Demian's recreational pursuits include; tennis, racquetball, waterskiing and scuba diving.  He also considers himself an excellent cook and enjoys preparing Mexican dishes and seafood.