Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Thoughts on Jodie Foster and The Brave One

Dear Jodie Foster,

I am a huge fan of your movies. My favorite performances from you were in The Hotel New Hampshire and my sentimental favorite Stealing Home. That movie for personal reasons meant a lot to me. You were brilliant in The Silence of the Lambs and The Accused. I have always valued your acting choices, even in movies I have not liked that much, your ability to totally inhabit a character is amazing to watch. That being said, please consider stopping your current trend of movies, please! Although I enjoyed the Panic Room, your motives seem a bit self serving. This was no more clear than with The Brave One. Last Night I rented The Brave One as well as Mr. Brooks, the Kevin Costner/Demi Moore flick. To be honest I saw very little difference between them. Yes, I watched the special features and heard your rational for making the movie, but frankly I think your deluding yourself. Graphic violence is violence Jodie, and any message you might have wanted to get through was overridden by the graphic way your director attempted to shoot the violent scenes.

I understand your trying to present women in a way that is not normal for the silver screen, but to me Jodie, it is not working. I miss your work, the real work where your talent shines through with acting beyond emotions of fear and anger. We do not need a female Rambo, we do not need any version of Rambo in my opinion. Please, in your next movie do not hold a gun, a knife, an axe or baseball bat. Mariska Hargitay, once a television role model for strength has also turned into just another tv cop as her show goes more and more for gore and shock. The same thing is happening to you. No matter wether you are Arnold, Bruce or Jodie, your movies are becoming extremely violent, and given I have your Oscar speech for the Accused almost memorized in my brain it was so fantastic and moving, I cannot help but feel your latest movie outings are disappointing. Cruelty of any kind should not be accepted. If your truly trying to show the strength of women try showing how they can solve a problem without a gun. That message is one the world needs to hear, solving problems without violence. How novel...

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