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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 19th

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Thanks Patton Oswalt!

'Oh what a read! What a lovely lovely read!!!'

There are many films that I've wanted to see after first reading the book.  There are also a few books that I've read, after seeing the film that it was based on.   This however, is the first time that I saw a movie, thought it was good, but not great, then read a book about it, and watched it again, and again and again.  That movie that I originally was thought was 'just' good, is now on the list of one of my all-time favorite films. 

That's exactly what happened this summer, after reading a Tweet from actor and comedian Patton Oswalt.  Oswalt was promoting the book Blood, Sweat & Chrome: The Wild and True Story of Mad Max: Fury Road.  The book, written by Kyle Buchanan, a pop culture reporter for the New York Times, chronicles the making of, the behind the scenes drama, and the almost 15 year journey to get the film made..

Kyle Buchanan

I was initially tempted to just scroll by and ignore Oswalt's Tweet.  As stated, I'd already seen the film on a movie channel a few years ago.  I remember at the time thinking that Charlize Theron was fierce and that there was a lot of action, but the movie didn't really grab me or leave a lasting impact.  Oswalt however, went on to Tweet that regardless of your feelings about the film, if you're a lover of film, you really have to read the behind the scene details about how the film came together.  That comment, triggered my interest. 

I ordered the book from Amazon and devoured it after it arrived in just a few days.  Oswalt was right, if you love movies, even if you haven't seen or even liked this particular one, Buchanan's book is fantastic.  With a comprehensive set of interviews with cast and crew, the author takes you inside director George Miller's epic masterpiece.  How the film finally came together, the casting, the filming and the behind the scenes dramas including some pretty intense conflicts between the movies two leading actors. 
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Quaternate: MW Photo MD

'I was participating in the National Novel Writing Month. During the writing of the novel, one of my characters developed into someone who had setup his own photo studio in his house, something I would like to do myself. 

I thought I better do a little research to understand the equipment and setup, and to make it interesting and real for my story. I went on the web and did a search for photographers and models and I came across Model Mayhem. I decided right then and there that I wanted to do this myself. ' 

I love the story of how Mark came to photography and the creation of MW Photo MD.  My love of writing and art are so intertwined, I'm not actually sure which came first for me. After seeing his work with Andrew over five years ago, I began following Mark's work, looking forward to seeing who he was shooting next, and how he'd creatively capture them. Mark always strives to capture unique and artistic images of each of the models he shoots, pushing erotic boundaries along the way.




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His Best Life: Billy Short by Roy Mayh

'Just a nerdy gaymer out here trying to live his best life '

Maybe the large Green Lantern tattoo on his chest should have given me a clue... but I didn't peg Billy Short as a nerdy anything, let alone a nerdy gaymer, when I first saw his images.  I'm not sure how many times we have to re-learn not to judge a book by it's cover, but I think for many of us, it's one of those recurring lessons with perpetual homework.

Over the last few months, I've been enjoying showcasing the work of photographer Roy Mayh.  It's always exciting to see an e-mail from Roy with a link to a new model and a brand new set of images.  It was especially satisfying visually devouring this this series of Billy.  Billy's long, lean physique is a sight to behold.   

Sometimes a tall frame, especially one with beautifully long arms and legs can make elegant poses a struggle.  Not in Billy's case.  I love each of Billy's poses and how every one of his body parts is so perfectly posed in each of Roy's images.  Beyond Billy' incredible body, it's those eyes that immediately grab your attention.  Strong, powerful and intensely alluring,  Billy's eyes pierce powerfully through the camera's lens straight at the viewer. 

'I think Billy's just a great all-around guy.  He's  super easy to communicate with, very professional and polite.  Billy's fun, but also business oriented and was just a pure joy to work with'

Billy's Bio:

What first motivated you to start modeling? 

For me, I’m a model second and a sex worker first. So I got into sex work, and the opportunity to model was offered to me. I said why not I was down to try and here we are!  Originally I started modeling doing underwear modeling for posters at my local bar. Because I was also doing porn, I did a few nudes on the side until eventually the two worlds collided. 

Were you nervous before your first nude shoot? 

I wouldn’t say I was even slightly nervous about being nude. Inversely I’m always nervous about modeling. I’m still very new to this and have much to learn. I’m always concerned with how I should look and what not. 

Any bad experiences during your time modeling? 

I had a few bad experiences before. Mostly of my own making, but also you never REALLY know what you’re walking into. So sometimes you walk into a shoot and it goes well, sometimes it goes much worse. But that’s why I like to engage with photographers before the shoot. 

What body part gets you the most attention? 

Probably my face/ eyes. Most people comment on my “sexy eyes” or something similar. It’s funny, I can post a selfie and get more interaction on that post then a full frontal nude. 

Can you share anything about the large tat on your chest? 

I'm always curious about tattoos and whether they have any meaning? It’s Green Lantern. Specially John Stewart Green Lantern. I’m a big comic book nerd, so on my left side I’m working on a comic book mural. So far I have Green Lantern, Static, and Batman. I’ll have more soon hopefully. 

What is your favorite part about modeling. 

My favorite part about modeling is the meeting of new people. Seeing how different photographers shoot me. I can tell what people like about me based on how they photograph me, which is always interesting to see. 

How did you first connect with Roy? 

It went really well. When I met with Roy, I had seen his work before and wanted my own version of it. The actual day was a busy one. I had got done with a previous shoot, and was editing some porn, so I was mildly stressed. Even still working with Roy was engaging, plus Roy had been doing it long before I was so he was very understanding. 

What is Roy like to work with? 

Very flexible. I normally brag that I’m a flexible model able to match the vibe of whoever I’m working with. But Roy also matched my energy. So it was nice to bounce off of one another with ideas and goals

What was your favorite part of this shoot with Roy? 

My favorite part of the shoot with Roy was the conversation. As with every shoot, I love talking to people so with Roy, the ability to talk and work together on shots was remarkable.