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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 10th

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Curtain Up!

'For a lot of filmmakers, their first goal is to be successful and make some money. But once people start doing that, the real goal is then to win an Academy Award. Because when they do, they know that their obit is going to start out, 'Academy Award winner so-and-so.' 
Robert Osborne

It's Oscar time again which means it's time for the annual  FH salute to the Hombres de Hollywood!  Check out the next few pages for features spotlighting this year's crop of male acting nominee's, as well as some of the hottest nude scenes from their careers!  There's also a few other Oscar and cinematic related posts that I hope sparks some enjoyment and our shared love of the movies. Check them out HERE: / HERE: & HERE:

Although my love of the Academy Award show has decreased over the years, my love of the movies has definitely not.  I don't get as excited as I used to about watching the ceremony, but I haven't forgotten the anticipation I used to feel.  I used to drive my parents crazy about staying up to watch, and bargaining with my siblings to let me watch when we only had one set in the living room.

My favorite Oscar years were the nineties I think.  I was in my teens and early twenties, and by then had a television of my own.  I didn't have to worry about being allowed to stay up, or fighting with anyone about being able to watch.  Those were mostly the years Billy Crystal hosted, and I looked forward to his opening production number, putting all the Oscar nominated films into song.  I miss Billy, but enjoy Jimmy Kimmel as host.

Every year I notice I've seen fewer and fewer of the nominated films and performances.  I don't think it's about age, but changes in the Industry.  Not only do they now have 10 nominees for best picture, many never really drew me to the theatre, or even to the television.  I caught the ones I really wanted to see, and a few I didn't.  There are still a few on my list, and a few I'll catch down the road.  Out of the 10 nominated films,  I saw 6, really liked 3, but wasn't especially passionate about any.  I am still passionate about the movies though, unfortunately some of my favorites, like every year, just didn't make the cut.

Sooo.... in the words of the great Bugs Bunny, Overture, curtains, lights,  This is it, the night of nights  No more rehearsing and nursing a part  We know every part by heart!

Lights! Camera! Action! Kenny by TR Pics

Given this is FH, it might be better to say lights, camera, get naked!  Either way, it's Hollywood's biggest nights and most of the winners who take the stage will have a long list of people to thank for their award.  Most successful productions come down to creative collaborations, and one of my favorite, and long time collaborators on FH is Tom from TR Pics. 

I think my first featured spotlighting Tom's work was back in 2011, and since then he's generously shared hundreds of images of many of the incredible models he's worked with.   I've also been lucky to have featured Tom's holiday work, most notably, the King Kong inspired shoot and story that Tom created for this past Halloween's visual celebration of the iconic movie monster. (HERE:)

The most recent collaboration was my post from earlier this week featuring Tom's work with the sexy and charismatic Kenny.  During one of their most recent shoots, Tom and Kenny shot this series especially to help celebrate the Oscar's on the site.  As you can see, Kenny is clearly the star, but behind the lens was photographer Tom, and me trying to direct by bugging Tom with tons of 'ideas' and 'helpful suggestions.'  We all know how much creatives love helpful suggestions...

Kenny is the perfect leading man for this shoot, as it was his desire to act, and enter the entertainment business, that first drew him to model.  Kenny is no stranger to being in front of the camera, both held by a photographer, and by a film and television cameraman.  Kenny's been in a few music videos, has appeared on television, as well as had roles in several independent films. 

The Force:

At the 50th Academy Awards which took place in April 1978, Star Wars won seven awards, all for visual effects, editing, costume design and sound. It's biggest award went to John Williams for best original score.  Sir Alec Guinness lost best supporting actor, and George Lucas lost best original screenplay.  To add salt to the wound, the film also lost best picture and best director, with the Oscar's going to Annie Hall and it's director Woody Allen. 

Still, even without taking home the top honors, Star Wars went on to become a classic, spanning movies, television shows and merchandise still selling millions a year today.  I'm not sure that many kids really wanted an Annie Hall action figure to play with, although I'm sure there were a few who would have liked to find it under their Christmas Tree, with an extra hat and wardrobe choices.

I was still in diapers when Star Wars was originally released, but jumped on the bandwagon as a little kid when my dad took me to Return of Jedi came out in 1983.  I then devoured the trilogy when all three were released in a VHS box set.  I did see them all on the big screen when they were re-released in the 1990's, and of course then the DVD releases later on.  I haven't yet purchased the Blu-rays, but it's just a matter of time.

When I was young, my favorite character was Leia, but had plenty of stormtrooper action figures to balance out my two versions of Leia that I had.  I still regret giving all those action figures away when I moved out into my own place. Well, actually I never gave them away, but did give the ok to my mom to give them to a cousin's baby. 

It's hard to imagine a film today having a bigger, or more long lasting impact than Star Wars.  Although I really disliked the prequels, I did go, and enjoy the sequels in the 2000's.  I haven't watch any of the series, although I did try and started The Mandalorian.   When I need a Star Wars fix, I always go back to the original trilogy, usually starting with The Empire Strikes Back, then The Return of the Jedi, and the original.

Over the years, I've gone back and forth crushing over Luke in one viewing, then Han in another.  That doesn't even include my love for Lando, and the odd Stormtrooper orgy fantasy.  For this post however, I'm sticking to the two heroes from the 1977 original film.  Check out my look back to the semi-dressed past with Mark Hamill, (HERE:) and Harrison Ford. (HERE:)

Hamill and the droids at the 1978 Oscars. 

Backstage: Gymn0s by Tony Xavier Photos

'What you don't see backstage is what really controls the show.'
Sarah Sutton

Anyone who has worked in film or television, and anyone who acted on stage, knows the feeling of being backstage.  For me, it's behind the curtain and behind the stage where the energy is most intense.  When I used to act, all of my senses were usually triggered and on alert when I was backstage, in the make-up room or in the wings.

Besides the sites of sets and costumes, there's also the nervous energy of actors, crew and especially the stage manager prior to every performance.  As an actor, you have to know exactly where to be, and where to stand at all times, and not get in the way of the prop people, and the crew moving sets on and off stage between scenes.

There's also a distinct smell, especially in the wardrobe and make-up area.  It's a combination of old make-up, sweat from costumes, and the history of the thousands of people who occupied the space in the past.

Earlier this year, I noticed photographer Tony Xavier post these shots of Gymn0s earlier this year, I knew they'd be perfect to help celebrate Hollywood's biggest night.  Many of FH viewers are familiar with both Tony's and Gymn0's from previous pieces spotlighting their work.  If you follow Tony's work, you know he often shoots in LA, capturing some of the industries hottest adult film stars.  Living in California, Tony often sees celebrities at the grocery store, but his closet connection to The Oscar's was attending the 2019 SAG awards.  Tony says he loved every minute of it, especially the sights on the red carpet.

I can almost feel that backstage energy in Tony's shots with Gymn0s and the lights on the make-up mirror bring back a flood of memories of being backstage before a performance.  From high school musicals, to University productions and plays at a local theatre, some of my favorite moments in my teens and twenties occurred back stage and in the winds.  For most of this shoot, the star was alone backstage, but as you can see, near the end of the shoot, a co-star joined him the make-up room. I'd love to know what sort of performance they were getting ready for...

Tony Xavier Photos on Instagram /Twitter