Saturday, April 1, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 2nd

Passion Pit by ShutterClickPhx

Happy Birthday today April 2nd

Happy 62nd to actor Kevin Bernhardt!

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Welcome April!

Michael welcoming April the 2023 edition of The Duelists Calendar

FaVorites: Olivier Giroud

I've never actually seen the stunning professional French footballer Olivier Giroud on the field, but I have long admired his footballer physique.  I think I first saw images of Olivier in images by photographer Fred Goudon in Dieux de Stade.  I've since followed his many photoshoots and paparazzi shots, especially those with Olivier on the beach.

Above: Olivier by Fred Goudon for Dieux de Stade

Favorite Import of the Day: Gil Lagardère

As stated in the previous piece, searching for info, clips and images of French adult film star Gil Lagardère wasn't an easy task.  In addition to most of his films being produced in the late 70's and in the 1980's,  because his films were mostly made in France, many have both a French and an English title to search.  Some sites had the original title, others, mostly American site, featured the title in English.

In addition, over the span of his career in porn, Lagardère went by six or seven different names.  In addition to using Gil Lagardère, he was also known by the pseudonyms Raphaël Devaux , Dominique Dan , Fawzi Devaux , Dominique Devaux and Dominique Saint-Clair , Dominique Lapouze and Salvatore Amoroso.  In some of his films, especially his early nude appearance, he also went uncredited.

Born in 1955,  Lagardère made his debut at the age of 22 in 1977 in the pornographic film Retourne-moi c'est meilleur. (Return To me , It's Better)  The actor's most well known role is that of Luca in Le segrete esperienze di Luca e Fanny which I featured on the previous page.  The 1980 film was one of his first lead roles.

Although he primarily appeared in straight porn, he did a few gay role including his first gay film, Peter, Franck et les autres in 1980.  Despite my searching, I was not able to find a copy of the film, nor any info or images.  I will keep looking!  Although he continued working into the 1990's, the peak of Lagardère's career was in the 80's.  Most of his roles in the latter part of his career were more erotic, soft-porn films.

Most of the caps in this piece don't come from any of the actor's actual movies, but from a compilation video a fan made with highlights of his films and career.   I uploaded a copy on SendSpace HERE:  Just note that given Lagardère was primarily a straight porn actor, many of the scenes are straight sex scenes.

Dans La Chaleur De St-Tropez (1982)

Les Petites Écolières?

One of the actors hottest scenes for me was the one below.  I love his entrance! In the scene, Lagardère appears to be acting as a teacher's assistant, and part of a real life lesson, in a sex class.  I believe the clip is from 1980's Les Petites Écolières. (The Little Schoolgirls) but wasn't able to verify. Although his physical part is obviously quite large, his part in the film was quite small and Lagardère was not officially credited in the film.  If anyone knows for sure, let me know!