Friday, July 24, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 25th

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Happy Birthday today July 25th

Image by N D L Photography

Check out today's many birthdays, including the incredible Mr. Tang (above)

Favorite Five: Francisco Lachowski

24 year old Brazilian model Francisco Lachowski has been in front of the camera since winning Super Model Of The Year at the age of 17. He was quickly signed to Ford Models and has been working steadily since.

Francisco by Stewart Shining

Francisco for the Peter Alexander Campaign

Francisco by Pantelis for Rollacoaster Magazine

Donta J Norman: Putting On His Best Smile!

'I love being in front of the camera!'

When I interview models, one of the questions I like to ask is what they like about being a model. On the surface it seems an easy question, but like any job, not everyone loves what they do. Some male models were encouraged to enter the industry because of their looks, and many have a love/hate relationship with being in front of the camera. We have all seen images of incredibly hot men who look absolutely pissed to be dong what their doing.

It is ok not to love your work, I don't love mine many days. But for models, if the resentment for their work shows, it can be a major turn off, no matter how hot they look. When I stumbled upon model Donta J Norman's portfolio, I could tell instantly he was having a blast in front of the camera. His answer to the 'why' question only confirmed what I felt when enjoying his work. 'Because every time I'm at a shoot my body gets excited and I put my best smile on.'

And that smile is infectious bringing energy and joy to his images. Donta's more serious looks are equally compelling, especially with his beautiful eyes which in some images light up the shot, and in others convey a sad, soulful look, pulling in all the sorrow and pain from his short 21 years on earth. Donta's passion for his work started early. Donta currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, but grew up in New York City where he remembers most of the kids he grew up with were thinking about fame.

In 2011, Donta interned for a fashion company called DIFFA. This experience cemented his desire to model, especially the industry events, fashion shows and cocktail parties and the excitement that surrounded everything that was going on. Donta didn't just want to be around the creation of great images, he wanted to be in them. Donta remembers always jumping into pictures and shooting selfies, something he is happy to say he hasn't grown out of.

Despite his enthusiasm, Donta is careful to research and get to know those he shoots with. Clicking the 'shoot nudes' option on his Model Mayhem page means Donta has gotten plenty of offers to take off his clothes. Donta is pretty pleased with his look, especially his front, from his face on down. If there is one body part he hopes to improve, it's his bottom, which he says needs a little work. Although he has no fear about showing skin, Donta looks to see the photographer is professional, ensuring it is a artist he can learn, and gain experience from while at the same time creating dynamic new images for his port. One of the photographers was PhotoFreedom, the artist behind the images featured here.

'This shoot with PhotoFreedom was my first nude shoot. I was shocked because I thought I would be scared and shy but I wasn't. I knew the artist, and he wanted to shoot with me for awhile. I had a blast shooting nude.'

Eight Days Of The Week: Saturday

Finishing off the Eight Days series has taken a little longer than I had anticipated. Hopefully I will get to Sunday before the start of the new fall season. Saturday proved a little tricky. Most of the major networks don't air original programming on Saturday nights, a night they assume we either out partying, or in with a good movie. This forced me to take a few liberties with my Saturday choices. Some of the shows that I included, are repeat airings the networks recycle for repeat viewings on the Weekend. Some are shows I first saw on PBS on Saturday with the only really original Saturday night show being Saturday Night Live.

Bret Harrison in The Astronaut Wives Club

I have not watched The Astronauts Wives Club, nor do I think the show will stick around long enough for me to want to. But I loved Bret Harrison on Reaper and the short lived 2011 version of V.

James Norton in Grantchester

James Norton was my first, and the easiest choice for the list. A quick search of my recent posts about James on FH will give you a good idea why.

Jay Pharoah in Saturday Night Live

When it came to SNL, there were a few obvious choices, all equally funny and talented. When push came to shove though the hottest to me by far is Pharoah.

Pharoah with Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan and host Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Eric Christian Olsen in NCIS: Los Angeles

I have never seen a minute of any of any of the NCIS shows, unless it being on a constant loop in the background at my parents counts. However, I am not immune to the cuteness and charm, not to mention the beautiful behind of Eric Christian Olsen.

Aidan Turner in Poldark

Now Poldark I want to see. I have not yet watched, but am hoping to catch up one of these days. The deliciously furry Aidan Turner is more than enough inspiration to give it a shot!