Friday, November 18, 2011

Cartie' by P W Gomez

Location location location...

I have featured photographers who have shot models pretty much everywhere: studios, beaches, abandoned buildings, even in an old bank. I especially love shoots where models are shot nude in public spaces. Part of the enjoyment of the images is imagining the obstacles and risks both photographer and model had to take to get the perfect shot.

For photographer P.W Gomez home is Michigan and the location for some of his work with model Cartie' was East Hall at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. P.W specializes in shooting athletes and his focus on strength and fitness is balanced beautifully with the locations he surrounds his models with.

P.W's extensive portfolio is full of strong, impressive imagery and his shots of Cartie' are certainly some of my favorites. P.W has an eye for form and composition and I love how he uses location to showcase form. I love the nudes of Cartie' at WMU, especially the shots on the staircase, with the wooden beams, beautiful!

P.W picked up his first camera when he was just 9 years old after his aunt bought him a Kodak "Brownie" model she purchased for $2.00 with a coupon on a carton of Nestle "Quik". P.W says that this began his life-long love of photography. His affinity for location stems from his love of shooting seasonal landscapes (fall, spring, winter) as well as historic homes and architecture.

'I tend to specialize in and favor shooting the black male (portraits, athletes, doesn't matter but I do tend to favor the nude shoots and would love to expand my work to include MORE models but find it difficult locating nude models in this area; most of the ones I use have found me or travelled here from other locations. I found Cartie's profile on MM last June and he traveled here for our shoot. Cartie' was a natural as a model; he required very little direction....only what was necessary to get the best angle, look possible. He was very uninhibited in terms of changing outfits at various locations and would change outside behind the car door in Chicago, South Haven, MI regardless of who was walking by or might see.'

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