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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 2nd

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Happy Birthday today May 2nd

Happy 39th to actor Robert Buckley!

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Propped Up: Tyler by Andrew Bowman

'Lead Us Not Into Temptation...'

In Spurts:

We all have those actors we love.  Actors we follow in every project they do, even ones that aren't really that great...  Then, there are actors we follow in spurts.  Yes, I know we may have spurts of enthusiasm for lots of actors, but I'm talking about those actors we really enjoy in certain projects, but then forget about until we see them years later in something else we enjoy.

I think I first noticed James Marsden, or Marsden's beautiful face, on an episode of The Nanny in the early 90's.  I don't think I took the time to find out his name, but I certainly noticed his look.  It's no surprise Marsden's face initially draws attention.  With those cheek bones, and those eyes, it's not a shock that he began his career as a model.

I think I next noticed Marsden five or six later in the 1998 film Disturbing Behavior.  I saw the film on DVD, liked it, and this time remember checking out the hot actors name.  I also enjoyed Marsden on Ally McBeal and in the film Zoolander, but neither role really had in awe of his skills as a thespian.  He was good, but the roles weren't ones that really jumped off the screen.

I know many took notice of Marsden in the X-Men franchise, but except for a few minutes when accidentally came upon when when flipping the TV channels, I haven't seen any of films in the series.  I love action and superhero films, but I've tended to sort of tune out franchises like X-Men and The Avengers, films that get churned out quickly, one after the other.

I think it was in 2006 and 2007 that I really began to appreciate Marsden's on-screen charisma.  I am one of the few who really liked Brandon Routh's turn as Superman which Marsden co-starred in the 2006 version, Superman Returns.  In 2007, he appeared in two other films I enjoyed, Enchanted and Hairspray.

Hairspray (2007)

Although Marsden was not the heroic lead in either Enchanted or Hairspray, he managed to stand out and steal the scenes he was in.  I was especially in lust with his dancing in Hairspray, and even did a piece specifically on his moves. (HERE:) Corny Collins is a supporting character who often doesn't stand out, but Marsden's energy and smile made him the one to watch in each of the dance scenes.

Death At A Funeral (2010)

Although I loved Alan Tudyk in the 2007 version, (HERE:) I equally enjoyed James as Oscar in the 2010 adaptation of Death At A Funeral.  Although I initially thought the beautiful butt in question may not have been his, Marsden confirmed that except for the shots where's he's climbing the roof, where a stunt double was used, the butt was indeed his.

The scene when you’re off the roof, were you really naked in front of all of those people?

Marsden: Yes! I remember Luke Wilson coming up to me going, “Marsden, why didn’t you get a closed set man? There’s 500 people here starring at your ass. Why didn’t you ask for a closed set?” Why the hell didn’t I ask for a closed set? I was just too dumb. 

'I always thought I don’t have a problem doing nudity. I feel more comfortable doing it in a comedy than something that’s to be taken seriously. I don’t know why that is. I would probably still do “Brokeback Mountain” but it would be harder and more difficult and more uncomfortable than me running around naked on a roof in “Death at a Funeral.” There’s something about asking the audience to take you seriously in your nudity as opposed to look at me run around naked. Isn’t that funny? So it was easier for me to do that.'

Westworld (2016-2018)

I haven't started Westworld yet, but it, in addition to Dead To Me are two shows I've heard great things about that I can't wait to begin.  I'm also looking forward to seeing James in the new 10 episode adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand.

Hot On The Trail!


Last month, I profiled Harry (above) from the Netflix reality show Too Hot To Handle. (HERE:) I hadn't watched the show at that point, and was drawn by Harry's look and images.  Now that I've had time to check out the entire 8 episodes, my crush on Harry remains, although slightly cooled by his questionable choice in a reality partner.  Francesca was my least favorite contestant, and adorable as Harry can be, he could have done better...

Except for maybe Bryce, who I found nothing attractive about, the entire cast was drool worthy.  Even some of the women, especially Rhonda, had me hot and bothered at times.  Rhonda had the hottest bikini tops to show off her impressive breasts, and no matter your preference, they demanded attention.  Given I put Harry in the spotlight, I wanted to find some hot shots of some of my other favorites.  Hitting their Instagrams, it wasn't too difficult.


Kelz was an early favorite but was doomed once tangled in Francesca's web.  Francesca did manage to get Kelz naked in the shower, giving us a wee bit of skin.  Kelz really didn't do much after she dumped him except mope and comment on others, but he did look great doing so.


Kori seemed a little full of himself, but he's a model, and probably fairly used to having his form appreciated by those around him.  Kori came on near the end of the show's run, so we didn't get to know him as well as the others.


Sharron not only seems to be a sweet guy with a great personality, he's also smokin' hot!  He and Rhonda were on fire together.


I have a few body builder friends, and David reminded me of one of them when I first saw him on the show.  I wasn't initially attracted to him, but as the season went on, I could understand what all the fuss was about.

Since I began with Harry, thought it appropriate to end with him as well.  Speaking of ends, Harry's is fine, especially watching his 6'4' inches doing laps in the tub.