Monday, May 13, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 14th

Lucas Pugliessa
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Happy Birthday today May 14th

Check out which Revenge Hunk is blowing out candles today HERE:

Seasonal Sightings

Jayden R & the Art of the Bathroom Selfie

Ok, although the bathroom selfie is certainly very common, the right guy, with the right curves, can still provide some eye catching results.  Jayden R. certainly has the look, and the curves, to turn his bathroom background into an erotic wonderland with beautiful body, not to mention those sexy bangs that look especially when wet and falling down his face.

I especially love when Jayden in invites a friend into the shower to scrub all of those parts needing attention.  Check out more on Jayden's OnlyFans Page HERE:

All hands on deck

Great angle!

G Magazine: January 2008

G Magazine
January 2008

Lucas Pugliessa

The beautiful Brazilian Footballer turned model Lucas Pugliessa headlined graced the cover and pages of the January 2008 issue.  Check out the behind the scenes video below.

Neto & Andrews

Imagine two athletic brothers from São Paulo who are always ready to attend bathers. Bring Drinks, snacks and other delicacies to make your beach day even more delicious when on vacations!

Photos by Moises Pazianotto