Saturday, August 27, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 27th

Ryan Sandefur by Peachtree Muscle Photos
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Good Night Irene

Hoping all those effected by Irene remain safe and sound. Living on the east coast I have been through more than a few hurricanes and hopefully Irene will head on through quickly and without too much damage!

Brett Gleason: The Thawing

Brett by Walt Cessna.

'The Thawing' is about learning to feel again, the already recorded and mixed songs follow the narrator as he emerges from self imposed isolation to embrace the world he's rejected only to find cruel indifference.

Learn more and find out how to support Brett's next album by checking out his video HERE:

One To Watch: Jon Lange in I'll Come Running

'What happens when a stranger accidentally changes your life?'

'It was only supposed to be a stolen, sweaty day together in Texas'

Pelle (Lange) is a young Danish man looking for adventure. Another day, another postcard, another girl. What was supposed to be just a few days of fun in Texas with Veronica turn into something much much more.

Tragic circumstances bring Veronica to Pelle’s door in Denmark but she doesn't find exactly what she is looking for.

One of my favorite parts of 'I'll Come Running' was being introduced to Danish actor Jon Lange. I had not heard of Jon before, but his on screen presence was so appealing he drew me into the story right away and was a main part of my enjoyment of the film.

Jon Lange, One to Watch!

Above: Jon by Preben Rasmussen

Jon Lange in I'll Come Running