Monday, December 23, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 24th

Santa Saul from TR Pics
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Happy Birthday today December 24th

Happy Birthday on this Christmas Eve to the Carlson Twins!

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Fall On Your Knees

Just got around today to watching this season's Christmas themed episode of Glee. It was great to see actor Bryce Johnson appear as the naughty Santa to takes advantage of Kurt and the Scooby Gang. It was sort of full circle for Bryce who in 1999 was starring in his own Christmas episode of a Ryan Murphy show, Popular. Fall On Your Knees was the season 1's Holiday episode and one I must pull out and watch again.

Popular shares much with Glee. In addition to Murphy there was the high school setting, cheerleaders, football stars and a focus on those unwelcomed to walk proudly down a high school hallway. The show had one of the best first seasons of any show I have every watched. It also had one of the worst second seasons which is why season 2 was also the show's last. Still, If you have not yet had the pleasure of spending time with Mary Cherry I would give it a shot!

Frisky Folic: The Christmas Scarfe

Socks, underwear and that dreaded home-made Christmas scarf. All gifts we don't usually ask for, yet get anyway each and every December 25th. My great aunt made me one, all grey and especially itchy, every year prior to her death when I was 14. I think I would have looked, and used, that piece material very differently had I had seen these images from Frisky Frolic when I unwrapped my yearly gift.

Hats, Sacks, Socks & Packages: Christmas With TR Pics

Not sure anyone quite fills out the red velvet better than Saul. Many of you will remember my Autumn posts featuring model Saul from TR Pics (HERE. Dallas photographer Tom Rubeck has brought back Saul, and a host of other delectable Christmas hunks for his colorful and erotic holiday themed images.


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