Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 4th

America by Anubis Photography
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Happy 4th to all those readers in the US!
Enjoy Your Day!

Kudos to Steve Jones

'And finally the reason I went to Utah.....to feel the wind blowing through my hair!'
Steve Jones yesterday on Twitter.

I say it once again, no one could have maneuvered the manipulative hot mess that last seasons The X Factor was better than the adorable Mr. Jones. My gut tells me, especially with the new judges, that Simon missed the boat on where the problems lay. With all the changes, this season I predict, is going to be and even hotter mess with even lower ratings.

A Respectful Yawn

Image created by Christopher Rochester.

I questioned whether to post about Anderson Cooper. I like and respect Cooper a lot but count me in the minority who sort of loved that he refused to buckle and make a public announcement. Now I know Cooper's announcement was subtle, and as Hillary says, not really news, but I look forward to the day when one's sexuality truly makes no difference. As long as someone being gay is news, we still have work to do.

Although I really like the new trend of celebrities saying nothing, or commenting how they want, when they want. (As documented in the latest Entertainment Weekly), I am glad the days of celebrities taking to People magazine with I'M GAY big and bold on the cover, are thankfully over.

I supported the end of Don't ask don't tell because it was shame based, encouraging dishonesty and overtly saying that your sexuality somehow had an impact on your quality of work. Our Sexuality is of course immensely important in our personal lives, in our professional lives however, it should have zero value or importance.

Cooper never hid who he was, most people playing attention could see his truth due the honesty and uncompromising way in which he conducted himself. What his sexuality was to his job was simply not important. Once everyone, maybe even more so for some within the gay community, get this, change might come easier.

X-Ray Vision: The Artistry of Anubis Photography

Lights: Camera: WOW!

'Its not just photography...its ART!'
Anubis Photography

Above:The Artist

Although photography is without a doubt an art form, not all photographers equally, or skillfully, weave the decorative with the visual in the creation of their final images. I am not sure I have profiled anyone who so beautifully combines so elements of design within their work. Daniel from Anubis Photography is sort of a image creating one man band. He doesn't just shoot his subjects (and himself in the image directly above), the artist creates the concept, styles it, handles the fashion, make-up, hairstyles and of course lighting and shooting.

My experience with anyone, let alone an artist, who is skilled at everything, often has meant that although they may do everything well, they don't do one particular thing exceptionally. Daniel most certainly punches a big hole my previously held theory. Because he is also a model, Daniel can often act as his own muse, experimenting with styling, makeup and hair and concept before bringing another into the creating process. From conception through final image, you can tell that in each photo, his skill, and his hand, were a part of every detail in the creation of the image. Although styling and fashion are obviously a passion, Daniel never goes too far, using his skills wisely, but not showing it off by taking things too far. Daniel uses restraint to ensure the model, and concept, remain the focus within the image.

I think I especially love how Daniel's light touch with color, fashion with little distraction, creates such strong images. The men within Daniel's photographs exude both an emotional, as well as physical strength, and appear luminescent with the light and shadow he both surrounds and bathes them in.

The 30 year old self taught photographer lives and works out of Miami. He has been shooting for about seven years. Daniel's actual full time job is as an X-Ray Technologist, but has a strong desire to make photography his full time profession. He is also self taught both in the makeup and hair styling. Daniel says that his specialty is high fashion and avant garde photography, but also excels in Beauty, portraiture as well as nude and implied nudes.

Daniel got his start in photography shooting bridal portraits for a friend in North Carolina, his passion grew from there. He has worked with runner up contestant Laura Kirkpatrick from cycle 17 of "Americas Next Top Model". Ken Thompson from the hit TV series, "Make me a supermodel", and is in the process of collaborating with Recording Artist Idelia Mars to provide the makeup looks for an upcoming music video she is shooting.

Daniel's says that his inspirations include Lady Gaga (who should hire him!) and Americas Next Top Model, but he draws Most of his inspiration from everyday objects, people, and animals. Daniel is working hard to be discovered and eventually published in high end magazines. Although Daniel says that his never having had a class in photography, hair styling or makeup art make him a bit unique in the field, to me, it is his masterful artistry that truly has his photographs stand out.

Anubis Photography on ModelMayhem
Daniel's official site Libra looks

Balls In The Air!

Well, summer is upon us which means many city streets will be alive with festivals and street performers. Although gaining popularity in North America, busking seems much more popular in Europe where busking is thought to have originated when local merchants would invite entertainers to perform in front of their stores to draw in customers.

Seems to me, whenever I hit a street festival, there is always one act that draws upon not just talent, but the sex appeal of the performers. Jugglers Jérémy Olivier and Thomas Lafitte (Cie Toi d'Abord) without a doubt have plenty of both. You can see more of them on vimeo HERE:

Toi d'abord at Ibla Buskers in Ragusa, Sicily (2009

The story goes that the guys luggage was lost on route to the festival leading them to perform naked....personally, I think it was an excuse to add a few more balls!