Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 16th

Martin by Bodytorium
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Happy Birthday today December 16th

 Happy 37th to actor Theo James!

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Sanditon (2019)

Ball Drop

Just nine days until Christmas!  Usually I'm rushing around still shopping around this time, but this year, I planned ahead.  With all the warnings about slow shipping was this year, I bought almost every gift I'm giving on-line, and ordered early.  My last package from Amazon arrived today.  Shipping was a bit slower than usual, but not as slow as predicted.

Featured Player:

'Sweet Jesus...'

I've been enjoying Andrew Dismukes the last two seasons on Saturday Night Live, and clearly, so has Lorne Michaels. Although credited as a 'featured player', Dismukes regularly gets more air time than many of the main cast members. 

That was certainly the case last weekend, when Dismukes got the lead role of baby Jesus in one of the show's Christmas specials.  He made an especially sweet and adorable baby Jesus, especially when twerking.  SNL has been hit and miss the last few seasons (or decades..) but this season has thankfully been more hit than miss.

Veselé Vianoce: Bodytorium


In Slovakia, Christmas celebrations actually started on On St. Nicholas Day. On December 6th, St. Nicolas arrives to leave presents under the pillows or in the shoes of good girls and boys.  Children who've been naughty might just find a twig under their pillow instead of candy or a toy.  Gifts are given again on Christmas, but by then, St. Nicholas is resting, and Ježíško, a Christkind Christmas figure, takes over the gift giving duties. 

So, these Solvak Santa's, photographed by Phil Diab from Bodytorium, have done their duty, and now ready to rest and play for the remainder of the year.  I teased one of Phil shots in my Stocking Stuffer piece last week, but wanted to share the rest of the hot holiday hunks.

I love these shots  of Martin, who'll be making his debut on Bodytorium soon!  I'm never ceased to be amazed at the incredible men that Phil finds to photograph.  Phil's networking skills are bar none, and  whether though friends and connections, or just going up to a complete stranger at a local market, Phil as amassed an impressive portfolio of incredible models, with over 30,000 images now available on his site.

Speaking of models, Phil recently released his first photography book.  Nothing to Hide: Young Men from Slovakia, is now available to purchase worldwide on Amazon, and from other selected book stores.  The book features 150 color and black and white photographs of six of Phil's early models and shoots.  Some of whom, I've had the privilege to feature on FH. In addition to images of Dominik, Danko, Samuel S, Kristian, Andrew and Lukas N, Phil also includes behind the scenes stories about the model and his photography style.

Phil's pictures capture the essence of masculinity at its purest and most authentic. Dlab’s models are athletic but not glamorous, appealing but not pretentious. His photos are full of sunlight and candor and invite us to see not just beautiful bodies, but men who are open and fearless enough to show them. Phil Dlab’s début photo book, with 150 photos in color as well as in black and white, brings men to life who truly have “Nothing to Hide.

Jake & Adam

Jake (l) shimmy's down the chimney to make his Bodytorium debut on Christmas Eve. Adam (r) is already featured on the site in six glorious galleries and a video. Adam also previously appeared on FH HERE: