Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 30th

Special Birthday Wishes today go to:

Valerie Cherish! Well Lisa Kudrow who turns 45 today. Lisa was hilarious on Friends, but she was pure Magic on The Comeback. I am still in shock this amazing series did not get a second season! Shame on you HBO! Why some other network did not scoop up this show is beyond sad. Yes it may not be for everyone, but it was hilarious and tragic all in one, with Valerie Cherish being a character you both disliked yet felt deep caring and empathy for. Cheers to Lisa for this truly astonding character and television series!

Also Celebrating Today July 30th

Happy Birthday Today To:

One of my favorite actors, Simon Baker turns 39 today. (See very long previous post on Simon with tons of pics.)

Richard Burgi hits the big 50 today.

The great Delta Burke, so great in Designing Women and of coure as Mama Cherry turns 52 today.

I love Ken Olin. I remember first seeing Ken, skinning dipping on one of his first scenes as Father Christopher on Falcon Crest. (Cannot find any caps of that scene to save my life, please contact me if you have any). Secondly I lusted after Ken on Thirtysomething where his Michael was far to good for the annoying Mel Harris. To top if off, Ken has been behind some of my favorite shows, currently Brothers and Sisters, but also Alias. What a talent! Happy 54th Ken!

Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 61 today.

Big Brother Flashback: Season 4

Season 4 of Big Brother was one of my least favorite seasons. (Except of course season 9 which I did not watch at all). I did think Nathan Marlow from 4 provided some nice eye candy, and dispite the fact the guy was trashed by most, I found him hard not to like. Yes he made some dumb moves in the house (who in there hasn't), yes he was a bit morally preachy but I kind of find a guy with morals very hot. (Although part of that might be to try to get him to break one or two...) But ultimately I have to cut the guy a bit of slack as although he made the bonehead move to save Big Brother ultra bitch Alison, come on, pitting ole Nathan against Alison was sort of like putting a hamster with a broken leg in a cage with a Tiger...You know it is going to get eaten, and just hope it does not suffer too much.
Anyway, like him or dislike him, Nathan certainly does photograph well.

Favorite Sports Guy of the Day: Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler maybe a bit young, but he certainly fills the hunk term to a T. Ryan, a professional skateboarder, has racked up the awards and medals. He also stars in Life Of Ryan on MTV, which is where many of you many have seen him. Ryan is certainly getting a lot of media attention lately.