Friday, May 3, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 4th

Yasu by PR Photo
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Seasonal Sightings

R.I.P Michael Dar

'Slave to Beauty and Light.'

There was magnificent simplicity to Michael Dar's images, my favorites being his black & white nudes.  Simplicity is an often misunderstood word.  For some, the word evokes 'plain' but for many gifted artists, including the Malibu based Dar, the simplicity was powerfully and exquisitely clear.

Michael's work has grace many piece on FH, and even if you don't immediately recognize his name, I'm sure, most of you know his work. The celebrity, fitness and fashion photographer's images have grace the cover and pages of international magazines, and his work with Cole Monahan for DNA,  (HERE:) was published in almost every site and blog devoted to images of the male form.

R.I.P Michael Dar (Darling)

Favorite Click of the Week:

I have yet to watch Extremely Wicked and, Shockingly Evil and Vile, but thanks to Casperfan, I have a nice sneak peak!  I loved the Netflix Ted Bundy documentary, and although I don't love some of the serial killer worship, for those of us fascinated by the subject matter, it doesn't hurt to have nude scenes from Zach Efron as part of the watching experience.

May The 4th Be...

Mark Hamill

So this post didn't start out as a visual tribute to 80's porn star Mike Hamill, it began as a piece to celebrate Star Wars and #Maythe4thbewithuou.  When I began searching for images however, I realized I already posted most of the 'hot' shots from the Star Wars cast when images from my own previous post (The Force Re-Awakens) started coming up in the search.

Mike Hamill

When you google search for images of Mark Hamill naked (as one does...) another thing that comes up, are images of a very naked Mike Hamill.  Some sites attempt to connect the two, some saying their relatives, some claiming 'Mike' is actually 'Mark' prior to his making it big.  Although there is a slight resemblance in the face, the problem with the theory is that all three of the original Star Wars movies with Mark, were released years before Mike started flashing his own lightsabre.

Mike Hamill
In Touch Magazine #150
June, 1989

A little more Mike

Unlike in The Return of the Jedi, in this version, it's Mike (sans metal bikini) that Jabba has tied up.  Now that would have been a sequel!