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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 21st

Tommy by Bodytorium
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Seasonal Sightings

Taking the Fifth

'Well, here’s one spoiler for what happened during Riverdale’s time-jump: Kevin Keller got hella swole. Both Kevin and Casey Cott--are KILLING IT this season. The world is not ready for Episode 8    Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Now, I want to believe Riverdale creator and writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, but the show has let me down before.  I've been complaining on a fairly regular basis about the show's lack of writing for Kevin (Casey Cott) since season two.  I've continued to DVR the show, but barely watched the last couple of seasons.  I thought season 1 showed a lot of promise, but the story telling has been all over the place since. 

There's been a lot of on-line chatter about Casey Cott not getting much screen time, and a fair share of talk about him not appearing shirtless on the show.  Really, I don't blame Cott for not wanting to take his shirt off.  He's in great shape, and incredibly hot, but with God Adonis' KJ Apa and Charles Melton frequently showing off their pecs, it would be hard for most of us to compete. 

  But, as you can see from the image below that  Aguirre-Sacasa posted on his Instagram, compete is exactly what Casey Cott did.  Clearly, months in isolation due to the pandemic did a body good and Cott used his will power to stay away from all the home made sour dough and banana bread.  Now I hope the writers aren't just writing more due to the incredible results Cott achieved, but regardless, I'm looking forward (fingers crossed) to seeing more of Kevin this season.  

Bodytoriim: The Hap-Happiest Season Of All


Last year, right after Christmas, I took one of my regular stops over at Bodytorium.  I love to check out  the site to find out which new Slovak stud has dropped their nohavice to pose for photographer Phil Dlab.  When I visited late last year, I noticed Phil had added a few festive holiday shots to the site.  Although Christmas had come and gone, I made a note to ask him early this year about featuring some of his holiday hunks this December.

Not only did Phil send on his seasonal shots of Martin and Roderik from last year, he sent on new images from his recent work with Denis and Tommy.  Personal trainer Denis s one of the newest models added to the Bodytorium website. Phil met the Bratislava athlete this past summer when he was visiting during a brief break in the pandemic.  Denis was one of the first guys he noticed and approached him and took some shots of Denis while he was exercising.  Although they quickly became friends, it took a few months to find the right moment for Phil to 'casually' ask him if he might be up for posing nude.  As you can see, he was.


FH viewers have already been introduced to Martin who I featured on the site this past February. (HERE:)  Many readers already know Phil is often introduced to new models through other friends and guys who have modeled for him in the past.   . 

Martin was introduced to Phil by Roderik, an athlete friend of Phil's who visited to get some new shots taken for his portfolio.   If you check out the previous piece, you might remember that Roderik brought along a friend to the visit.  That friend of course turned out to be Martin who went on to eventually agree to a shoot of his own. 

Martin & Roderik

The previous piece on Martin referenced his friendship with Roderik, the piece didn't include any shots of the 22 year old webcam model.  I'm very happy to rectify that now!  In addition to spending time int he gym, you can also often find Roderik on Chaturbate as Volo_Player.  Phil met Roderik several years ago while visiting another friend in Czechia.  Phil usually shoots guys who are posing nude for the first time and Roderik was a bit of an exception having had prior experience showing off his beautiful naked body.


27 year old Tommy is another recent entry on the Bodytorim site. The Bratislava fitness coach has earned his tightly built physique through hours in the guy training for weightlifting competitions.  One of the most experienced models on the site, Tommy's experience as a weightlifter has given him plenty of exposure with wearing very little in front of the camera. 

You can check out many more models, including much more of Denis, Martin, Roderik and Tommy on Bodytorium

12 Days: Chad Connell in A Cheerful Christmas

 A woman and her best friend think they landed the job of their dreams by giving people a great Christmas until they get a client who doesn't feel the same way.

When it comes to male leads in Hallmark movies, there are a handful of archetypes they consistently use. The lonely, widowed single dad is most commonly used, but coming in a close second is the stuffy rich prince or business tycoon. This male character is usually aloof, and not a fan of the holidays. Although initially cold, he's of course sweet underneath and just needs the right Hallmark heroine to reignite his Christmas spirit. 

In A Cheerful Christmas, actor Chad Connell plays James, a business running his family company who although well into his thirties, and for some reason I didn't quite get, still lives at home with his parents.  Cue Lauren, the Christmas helper hired to plan his families holiday party and decorate every inch of the families huge estate. 

The story's premise was fine enough, but the actress playing Lauren was more annoying than cheerful.  Although most Hallmark movies feature characters full of holiday cheer, the character of Lauren was on overdrive.  Thankfully, she was balanced out by the distant, but incredibly sexy Chad Connell. 

Steel (2015)

The Canadian born Connell got his professional start in the late nineties and has appeared in a number of series including; Being Erica, Mary Kills People, Nikita, Faashpoint, The Good Witch and Degrassi: The Next Generation.  Chad's been busy the last few years working in Hallmark holiday films, but many FH viewers may recognize the hot and talented actor from his role in 2015's Steel.