Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 2nd

Sunflower Bath by Briancan
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Crop Cover

Jack Laugher: Pull Em Up!

Normally, my goal is to feature my favorite hunks with their pants, (or this case speedos) pulled down. In the case of diver Jack Laugher, I was looking for shots with the nylon and spandex (Lycra) pulled up. Believe me, as incredible as Laugher looks sans spandex, he looks even hotter in shots wearing his tiny, wet, and clingy suit. Check out my FaVorite FiVe on PAGE 2 HERE:

Hottest Autumn Arrival: Walton Goggins

I've only had a chance to watch a couple of the new fall shows I recorded my DVR.  The first, was CBS's Evil, which I really loved, and the second was NBC's The Unicorn starring Walton Goggins. Fingers crossed, I've finally found a show with Goggins to enjoy!  Back when I first began FH, I received an e-mail from a reader asking me to feature Walton on the site.

I hadn't heard of Goggins at the time, and wasn't really into watching The Shield, the show Goggins was on at the time.  I did a little research though, and watched Goggins in the 2000 film Red Dirt.  I got what all the fuss was about.  Goggins was incredibly engaging, and incredibly sexy, and I've been looking for a show to follow him in since.  Goggins has been busy, and has been on several TV shows, but except for a guest role on The Big Bang Theory, I still struggled to find a project of his to get into.

I'm hoping The Unicorn is it!  I enjoyed the pilot, and Goggins was as engaging, and as sexy as ever as widower Wade Felton.  Wade is stuck, and he and his daughters are still struggling to move on with their lives, a year after the death of Wade's wife.  The supporting cast is great, and Goggins is incredibly sweet as the widower who all of a sudden finds himself a hot commodity on the dating scene. 

Big Bang Theory (2018)

The Shield (2006)

Vice Principals (2016)

Red Dirt (2000)

Briancan: Total Immersion

'I always start a shoot with a model dressed, then transition to nude work. I had one model show up at my house, he came in the door and before I knew it, all of his clothes were off. Too soon! I had to tell him to put them back on.'

I first noticed Brian's (Briancan) work a couple of years ago after seeing, and voting for one of his images in the Model Mayhem pic of the day contest. I immediately got in touch with Brian about featuring his work on FH. Brian got right back to me, supportive of a piece, but wanted to choose just the right model and theme. Time went by, and I continued to follow Brian's work on MM and Instagram and earlier this year, saw a theme I really wanted to spotlight. When I got in touch with Brian, he also agreed, the bathtub series would be perfect for the piece!

The bathtub series didn't actually come directly from Brian's work as photographer, but his time as a model. Brian first became interested in the human form almost twenty years ago when he began working as a life drawing model for art classes. With the introduction of the digital camera, he began experimenting with artistic self portraits and after a few years, gained a following online with his photography style and composition.

Eventually, this led to Brian expanding his photographic work by collaborating with other photographers and models, both male and female, to create both portraits and artistic nudes.  In 2007, Brian retired from his career in government, and finally found himself with the time he needed to devote to his photographic hobby.

Several years later, while searching Craigslist for possible models, Brian saw an ad from photographer looking for volunteers willing to pose nude in a bathtub. Given his experience as a life model, and the fact he's not the least bit shy, Brian responded to the add. During the shoot, Brian had more than just perfecting his bathtub poses going through his mind. Brain also used the shoot to take note of how the photographer put together the shoot, and what he did and used to achieve the visual results. A shot from that shoot, of Brian in the tub, currently hangs in the Toronto photographer's downstairs bathroom.

Given he had a deep tub of his own, Brian decided to give it a try himself. One of the most exciting things about the theme is that the possibilities are endless! As you can see from this series of shots, the models can be naked or dressed, with flowers, colorful objects, or things connected to their own personalities and hobbies. (Like Camilo and his violin) I also love how the seasons are represented, not just with the spring and summer flowers, but also acorns and autumn leaves.

'I think one of my favorite shots is the one above with the violin.  The model was one of the first to be shot in the bathtub and the fact he brought along the violin as a prop was perfect!  he was also a bit shorter and fit nicely into the tub.'

Brian love to incorporate a models personality and interests into all of his shoots, not just the bathtub series. Whether it be a hobby, a fetish, personal clothing, props or accessories. Brain also enjoy working with models of all ages and body types, and the bathtub is a perfect setting, working as almost as an equalizer, beautifully highlighting the beauty of the male form regardless of height, size and muscle mass.

Brian's bathtub series has caught the eye of many, including the patrons of a Toronto bar, where Brian presented the theme in an exhibit last year.  I think one of the things I like best about the series is how the white, cloudy look of the water highlights the colors immersed within it.  Not only do the colorful props and flowers pop in the milky water, but the models wet skin as well.

I hope none of the attendee's at the bar exhibit tried to replicate any poses when they got home, especially if they'd been drinking.  I didn't ask Brian if he has any of those rubber decals on the bottom of his tub, but whether your twenty or eighty, bathtubs do come with the risk of slip and falls.  That had me wondering if Brian experienced any incidents (or accidents) while shooting for the series.

'I did have one model faint after a bathtub shoot.  We were going to do a few standing shower shots after we had finished with the bathtub shoot, since he was already wet....'

'Fortunately, he was standing at the opposite end to the tabs!  He stood up to pose and all of a sudden the blood drained from hi face and he just dropped.  I was able to catch and hold him as he slide into the dry tub.  He admitted later that he hand't had a lot to eat that day, and I guess the warm water in the bath affected him.'