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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 25th

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Happy Birthday today April 25th

Happy 29th to actor John DeLuca!

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The Natural:

2015 Chaplin Award: Robert Redford

'It’s easy to underrate Robert Redford. A generous performer whose technique too often flies below the radar and whose name is synonymous with classic good looks, he could have sustained a fruitful career without taking risks. But instead, he used his box-office clout to finance era-defining dramas and thrillers, and his parallel directing career evinces a sure command of storytelling and a feeling for characterization.'

Barbra Streisand will present the 42nd Chaplin Award to fellow Oscar winner Robert Redford, the Film Society of Lincoln Center said today. In addition, Jane Fonda, the recipient of the 28th Chaplin Award, will be joined by filmmaker J.C. Chandor and John Turturro at the Gala event taking place Monday, April 27 at Lincoln Center

Above: Love this iconic shot of Redford with Ordinary People's Mary Tyler Moore, Timothy Hutton, Donald Sutherland along with Sally Field and Michael Jackson at the 1980 Academy Awards.

From Russia With.... Roman by David Vance

'He has the face of a movie star and I expect his real fascination might be with acting on the big screen. Stay tuned.'

No matter who is front of his lens, artist David Vance uses his considerable skills to make them look like they belong on the big screen. David has been shooting models, as well as actual stars of the big screen, television, music and stage for the last 30 years. David is a connoisseur of class, blending beauty with strength and masculinity with majesty. David's images have erotic power and strength, yet his subjects are light, not weighed down by anything but the artists vision to shoot them at their best.

'When Roman Shlyakis contacted me about shooting, I didn't take him seriously. I couldn't imagine that this 20 year old model would come all the way from Russia. It was a great compliment that he actually came. We shot (played) for 2 days because I figured it was my one shot to work with this beautiful newcomer. It is my preference to work with models while they are still humble and sweet. Sometimes after they've gotten some success they often lose those qualities.'

Roman clearly has a raw beauty, starting with that incredible face and those magnificent and magnetic eyes. David hits just the right notes in their work together. The focus is not only Roman's classic look, but David goes beyond just the physical, blending in aspects of his sensuality and personality which creates a series of images that forms a complete snapshot of all that Roman has to offer.

David describes Roman being a special commodity. 'He's a real classic beauty and he's very smart as well, and even though he does't speak a lot of English, he managed to communicate perfectly'. Since arriving from Russia, and shooting with David, Roman's worked with several other photographers in Miami, Las Vegas and Puerto Rico and headed to Mexico to shoot his his very first campaign for ES Collection.

David has celebrated his work with Roman in book featuring 50 pages of beautiful and intimate images of the Russian born born Roman. Be sure to check out the book and sample a preview HERE: Also check out David's newest book, MEN AND GODS which can be found on David's site HERE:

Eight Days Of The Week: Thursday

With actor Steven R. McQueen (below) recently departing The Vampire Diaries, Thursday ended up being a piece of cake. One new face and four faces, and bodies who I have been featuring over the years on FH. My only toss up was whether to head Under The Dome with actor Mike Vogel or his co-star Alexander Koch, both worthy candidates for Thursday night!

Justin Chambers in Grey's Anatomy

One of the first hunks of Prime-Time I featured when I first began FH back in 2007 was Grey's Anatomy's Justin Chambers. Even with my infrequent viewing of late, and the ups and downs in the shows writing quality, Justin's portrayal of Alex is always one of my favorite parts of the show. I am not thrilled with his currently lady love, I wish they would have put him with one of the show's main characters instead of continuing to bring him in a parade of forgettable guest stars. Alex remains complex and damaged, yet always lovable and someone you root for.

Chambers on the Grey's set with Michael Phelps

Brett Tucker in Mistresses 

I have not watched one minute of Mistresses, but I have been following the career of actor Brett Tucker since his days on Australian television. I first featured Brett on FH as one of my Imports Of Day back in 2009.

Jack Falahee in How To Get Away With Murder

Jack Falahee came out of the gate running in this season's biggest new hit, How To Get Away With Murder. Falahee's sex scenes are some of the hottest on prime time, especially when he is mixing it up with the equally hot, and incredibly intriguing Conrad Ricamora. (first image below) If my list was 6 and not 5, I think Conrad would certainly have been the 6th!

Mike Vogel in Under The Dome

Mike Vogel is another actor I have been following on FH since it's inception. I have followed Vogel though his movies and television roles, including his recent stint on Bates Motel. My interest in Under The Dome did not have me return again for Season 2, but we will see what the show does this summer with it's third season.

Jay Ryan in Beauty And The Beast

Originally from New Zealand, Jay Ryan is another actor I first came to know from his work on Australian television. Beauty & The Beast is most likely his best known American project, but he has been appearing in movies and on TV for close to 17 years.