Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Favorite Pic Of The Day for November 12th

Great shot of model Corey Saucier.

Favorite Birthday Boy For November 12th Michael Gandolfi

I love model Michael Gandolfi who turns 27 today. First two pics from Leslie Kee.

2 Other Favorites Celebrating today November 12th

2 other favorites blowing out candles today:

One of my favorite actors, Ryan Gosling turns 28 today.

Really, is there anyone hotter than Brazilian actor Reynaldo Gianecchini who turns 36 today.

You have seen it before, but I love this video!

Also Celebrating Today November 12th

Happy Birthday also today to:

What a beautiful face, model Christopher Sylvest Hermann from Copenhagen turns 20 today.

From Portugal, model and actor Isaac Alfaiate turns 20 today.

Spanish actor Juan Jose Ballesta turns 21 today.

French Rugby hottie St├ęphane Glas turns 35 today.

Actor Vincent Irizarry turns 49 today.

The Great Megan Mullally turns 50 today.

Get Well Soon Jesse

Anne Lu - Celebrity News Service News Writer
London, England (CNS) - Former "Desperate Housewives" actor Jesse Metcalfe is recovering in a hospital after suffering a 40-foot fall from a balcony in Monaco.

Metcalfe, 29, was seen in a wheelchair in a London hospital on Monday night trying not to be recognized in a dark glasses.

His rep told how the actor ended up in a wheelchair.

The spokesperson said, "Jesse had a nasty accident in Monaco, where he was hosting the World Music Awards on Sunday. At the after party, he fell off a balcony. He fell about 40 ft., down two floors. He was unconscious, and was taken to hospital in Monaco."

"But he flew back to London yesterday, and was taken to hospital and they kept him in overnight. He's having an MRI scan this afternoon, and we hope he will be given the green light today to come home."

Fortunately, Metcalfe did not break any bones from his fall.


Just Because: Dancing With The Stars

I have not watched Dancing With The Stars on a regular bases ever...until this season. For some reason, this seams the hottest season to me!

Cody Linley

Derek Hough

Lance Bass

Now if Mark Ballas was still on the show the circle would be complete.

Favorite Pic Series of The Day: Yuri by Alex Bego

I love when I get to see pictures of the people behind the camera lense. Above is the great Alex Bego, looking hot himself, a Russian photographer whose pics I was recently introduced to. Please check out Alex's great site HERE:

Now, what led me to Alex was the ultra hot Yuri (below) Now usually I do not forgive a rat tail, but Yuri is so amazing looking that I will forgive him. I do not have Yuri's last name, but if anyone does, please fill me in. Alex certainly knows how to bring out the best in Yuri with his amazing eyes, face and body. Yuri, your certainly my favorite Russian Hunk!