Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 25th

Ambrose by Studio1x
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Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

If you haven't already guessed, with Halloween less than a week away, today, I celebrate the witch.  Not the typical old hag with a wart on her nose, but the hot male versions that I love to spotlight and extol.  Thanks to some of my favorite photographers, I've had the opportunity to tear the capes off a coven of sexy sorcerers, many created specifically for FH.

Earlier this month, I featured the work of photographer Greg Lindeblom, and his new book, Alfresco Nudes, (HERE:)  Within the selection of images Greg sent on for me to choose from were these shots of Tyler.  I knew they'd be perfect to get us in the mood for a little Witchful thinking.  

For Witches, fire is often associated with passion, ambition, and the driving force behind creation and destruction.  Fire was also used to burn thousands of witches at the stake.  For Tyler however, the fire is being used for warmth, for creativity, and for erotic illumination. 


'I put a spell on you,
Because you're mine.'
Annie Lennox

Some of you might recognize witch Kallikrates, whose work with Tom Nakielski (Lights On Studio) headlined Halloween on FH in 2021. (The Witching Hour)  During that shoot, Tom shoot a variety of looks, and one particular series I didn't feature, but tucked away for a rainy, late October day.  Well, that day is here, and it's time for Kallikrates to lose his pointy hat, yank off his leather boots, and his leather skivvies, and light up the pre-Halloween sky.  Check out the series on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Favorite Musical Moment in a Magical Movie

 'Eye of newt and toe of frog, 
wool of bat and tongue of dog.
 Cragged salt like a sailor's stubble! 
Flip the switch and let the cauldron bubble!'
The Aunts, Jet & Francis

I usually love movies about Witches, but I have to admit, I wasn't a huge fan of 1998's Practical Magic.  I mean I liked the cast, Nichole Kidman and Sandra Bullock were good, and I loved Dianne Wiest and Stockard Channing as the aunts. I especially loved their home, it's 'witchy' feel and the surround in location.  

I just didn't find the script that compelling, or the characters particularly well drawn and created, especially Kidman's Gillian.  Yeah, I know the character was a big part of the story, yet at the same time for me, she could have been almost completely removed, and the best parts of the film would have still been in place.

To be fair, I've heard the book by Alice Hoffman was much better, and I can see that.  Books usually are, especially when the story spans over many decades.  Huge chunks of story seemed to have been breezed over in the movie, that I wonder if were covered more fully in the novel. I'll really have to pick it up one of these days and read for myself.

The Aunts

One scene that I did love, and I mean LOVE, was the introduction of Mark Feuerstein as Michael.  It's rare that such a short scene, one that I know many really love, stands out in a mediocre movie.  The scene occurs near the beginning of the film, the place for me, that most of the best parts of the movie took place. 

It's funny, I also wasn't a huge fan of Faith Hill's 'This Kiss' before seeing the film, but it was such a perfect blend of song and scenes that it really worked.   I have to give it to actor turned director Griffin Dunn for how the scene was put together.

You also have to give a nod to Sandra and Mark, who really nailed the assignment.  I don't think actor Mark Feuerstein ever looked hotter than he did in his black t-shirt and his baseball hat worn backwards.  Of course, I think had to go on the hunt for more hot pictures of Feuerstein.  Although he's shied from on-screen nudity, he has had a lot of shirtless scenes, and one very small crack at a little more.  Check out some the results of my dive into the actors on-screen skin resume on FH HERE:

Mirror Magic: Ambrose by Studio1x

'Magic mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?'

One of the most iconic cinematic witches was Queen Grimhilde from Snow White. Also known as the Evil Queen, or the wicked queen, Grimhilde was not only cruel and sadistic, she was also incredibly extremely vain, using her magic mirror, and obsessive desire for beauty to remain the 'fairest in the land.'

Witches are not all evil, many focus more on connecting with their mind and body, with spirits, and with nature.  Magic however, can be a powerful drug, and we all know the strength that power has to corrupt.  Like their human counterparts, Witches can often use their power to seek revenge, especially on those who have mistreated them, their loved ones, or their ancestors. 

Ambrose is not an evil male witch, but like Queen Grimhilde he has been struck with the curse of vanity. Ambrose doesn't use it to harm others, but it does make him a servant to his bedroom mirror.  It's difficult to think of any other object, especially one we all use every day, that has quite the power we give our mirrors.  They can make or break our days with just a fleeting glace.  

Those fleeting glances are the worst, they don't provide us the time to use the magic we often concoct to lie, and fool ourselves.  Mirrors have ruined the lives of many humans and witches a like with their ability to cut through any notion we have, any mask we wear, or spell we cast.

Ambrose spends hours every day standing in front of his mirror.  Posing, primping and preening.  Most of all however, Ambrose is planning.  Planning the next potion, and the next spell, to ensure he remains the object of desire to anyone who's blessed to visually consume him with their eyes. 

Some of you might recognize Ambrose from a brief Halloween appearance on the site a few years back.  Given the time, energy and witchcraft put into his appearance, I thought it time for another visual devour.  Jim from Studio1x said that during their shoot, Ambrose's beauty and body blew his mind.  In reality, he was very quite and humble, but in front of the camera, and in front of the mirror, he became incredibly dynamic and powerful   I'm not exactly sure what spell Ambrose was casting , but I'm guessing the potion included a heathy amount of Wool of bat, and lizard leg to obtain that scrumptious and bountiful behind.