Thursday, May 25, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 26th

Mazzy  by Lindsay Carlisle
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Seasonal Sightigs:


A Perfetti Physique

On Abbott Elementary, Gregory is teacher many of his co-workers swoon over.  It's time Jacob got his fair share of attention.  Proving he's more than just the comic side-kick, actor Chris Perfetti clearly did his homework before his recent shoot with JJ Geiger for Behind The Blinds Magazine.

Just Pollen Around...

'Honey is the Sweetest Harvest.'

Over the ten plus years that I've work on FH, I featured photographers shooting naked male models posing in some surprising, and sometimes dangerous locations.  I thought posing nude in garbage trucks and old chemical plants was risky, but I think taking it all off in the middle of a bee hive might be one of the hazardous places so far. 

My spotlight on naked beekeepers wasn't really planned, it stemmed from my search for naked male models in sunflower fields from this past Mother's Day.  Because of how close Mother's Day was to naked gardening day this year, (NGD was May 4th) I kept finding images of naked gardeners, including the image directly above.  When I tried to find others from the series, I discovered naked beekeeping wasn't as rare as I originally thought.

Bees have stingers, and although you don't want to get stung anywhere on your body, there are certain appendages and crevices' where it could sting a little more painfully than others.  Most beekeepers go to great lengths not to get stung, and to ensure no harm comes to their bees.  Many wear protective outfits that include a netted veil, a full-body suit or overall, boots and gloves.  

The goal, to block the bees from easy access to the skin while at the same time, not restricting the beekeeper from following through with their work.  The suit protects the skin not just from the bees, but other potential dangers with their surroundings and the environment.  The thickness of the suit it help reduce the chances that stingers will penetrate deep enough to reach the beekeepers skin.

He works hard for the honey...

George Lodge

Although I came upon several naked beekeepers, and even a naked beekeeper calendar, the most famous naked beekeeper has to be medical student George Lodge.   A few years ago, when Lodge was just 23, he was all over UK news sites for his naked beekeeping.  Lodge originally stripped down for a charity calendar, and all the attention he received had him realize that if he kept his clothes off, he could also raise money for other charities including for his education and to fund some educational trips. 

'Having gone to an all boys school and done life modelling before, I was pretty good at getting naked anyway. It's not something that's ever really bothered me. When a friend flippantly suggested I should pose beekeeping naked, to raise money, I thought, 'Why not?'

Mazzy: Just A Couple of Things

First 3 shots by Tatiana Mia LA

'For me, modeling just started a couple of years ago.  I was doing a couples shoot and the photographer said that I had a unique look and should do more modeling.'

When I first discovered the work California based model Mazzy, I was initially drawn to his strong face, his brown eyes and beautiful lines and curves of his incredible physique.  I was also drawn to the powerful poses Mazzy created, especially in many of images from the couple shoots featured in his Model Mayhem portfolio.   

We often think of modeling as a bit of solo endeavor.  Yes, there it is creative collaboration between artist and model, but given modeling is a bit of a transient professional, working with one photographer for just a short period of time, models often go into each new shoot on their own.  When I was going through Mazzy's portfolio, I was struck both by many of the shots of Mazzy alone, and the beauty and erotic intensity within the couples shoots. 

Next 4 shots by Tchalla

When I ask Mazzy questions about his work, and his favorite experiences in front of the camera, it was the couples shoots that he seemed to enjoy the most.  It was clear how much Mazzy enjoyed collaborating with women, not just in front of the camera with freemale models, but with female photographers as well.  I think one of the reasons I was so drawn to Mazzy's couple work was how the eroticism was so equally visualized between both models.  I think this had a lot to do with who was behind the camera.  

So many couple shoots focus on one model, one sex, with the second model used more as a prop.  In the images in Mazzy's port, both models were given equal visibility with both able to visually shine. I also loved the unique poses created by Mazzy and his partner.  They spotlighted not just their beautiful bodies, but their strength, flexibility, and most of all, the sensual connection between them. 

What factors did you weigh before deciding to take it all off? 
I thought it would be fun. 

What has been your favorite modeling modeling thus far? 
Definitely one of the couples shoots that I did 

Next 2 shots by
Marissa Leigh

Tell me about your first nude shoot. On a scale from 1-10 how nervous were you? 
I was probably about a 5 or a 6 

What did you think when you saw the finished images? 
I was really pleased, I thought came out really nice 

Was there anyone you quickly shared them with? 
I showed them to a friend 

Mazzy by My True Temptation 

Remaining Shots by Lindsay Carlisle

Why do you think you like modeling? 
I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. 

What part gets the most attention from others? 
Maybe my butt 

What has been your best experience so far:
Both Marisa Leigh and Lindsay Carlisle were fun 

What would your dream scenario be for a shoot you would like to be a part of? 
A beach nude couple shoot.