Monday, June 8, 2009

Favorite Pic (s) of the Day for June 8th

Lovin a little Terron Wood for a Monday!

Favorite Birthday Boys for June 8th

2 of my Favorite Actors celebrating today June 8th

Mark Feurstein turns 38 today.

Below: Mark in 'Once And Again'.

Actor Dan Futterman turns 42 today.

Also Celebrating today June 8th

Also celebrating today June 8th

Model Miguel Marsicano turns 23 today.

Alexandre Despatie turns 24 today.

Andrea Casiraghi turns 25 today.

Rugby's Guillaume Bernad turns 26 today.

Justin Wilcock turns 30 today.

Actor David Sutcliffe turns 40 today.

Favorite Part of The Tony's: Aaron Tveit

I usually always love the Tony's and last night was not exception. (Yes there were sound issues, I still don't get the appeal of Shrek, Liza gives me the creeps, as do those Billy Elliot boys, they are like Stepford Children, and we did not need one more moment of Mama Mia) but...Overall the good outshown the bad.

Neil Patrick Harris needed more time, his closing number was a riot and it was great to see so many talented stars including some personal favorites like Matt Cavenaugh, Nick Adams, but my personal favorite was getting to see Aaron Tveit live on stage. I posted briefly on Aaron before when he joined Gossip Girl, but he was a stand out last night. Sure he is hot as hell in those jeans of his, but his talent is what stands out. That amazing voice and the way he moves on that stage really get to me. I know Next to Normal has gotten mixed reviews, but Aaron has been a standout in the cast and I applaud the inovation of the show trying something different than simply just converting a movie into a Broadway show. Now after saying that I have to say Aaron will be leaving Next To Normal to headline the new show 'Catch Me If You Can' in the fall, and I am sure next season he will get that much deserved Tony nomination he deserved for Normal. Makes me wonder what execs are thinking when his Gossip Girl co-star Chace Crawford gets the lead in Footloose when you have a guy like Tveit with all that energy and talent. Chace is great, but I am still not sure he can pull off Footloose, we will have to wait and see.

Aaron with Stockard Channing on last nights Tony Awards.

Aaron in 'Next To Normal'

Model of the Day: Danny Schwarz

Model Danny Schwarz sort of has that Clark Kent/Superman thing going on with that striking face, great body and as well he sometimes wears glasses in his shoots which only make him hotter. Danny doesn't always get the credit and attention he deserves given some of the big campaigns he has been in. Check out more of Danny at The d'management group HERE:

Height 188
Chest 89
Waist N/A
Shoes 43.5
Hair brown
Eyes blue
Suite size 48