Thursday, June 10, 2010

Favorite Pic Of the Day for June 10th

It is no surprise that this incredible shot of Ellis McCreadie is heating up the blogosphere. Ellis shot by Stewart Shining.

Happy Birthday Nick Adams

One of FH's Favorite Hunks Nick Adams turns 27 today. There is tons on Nick on FH, just put him in search! Nick is currently wowing audiences in LA Cage Aux Folles on Broadway and will be seen performing at the Tony Awards this Sunday on CBS. You can also Help Nick build a well for his birthday by clicking HERE:

Also Celebrating today June 10th

Also Celebrating today June 10th

Coronation Street cutie Ryan Thomas turns 26 today.

Actor Jonathan Bennett turns 29 today.

Shane West hits 32 today.

Love Doug McKeon who I first saw in 'On Golden Pond'. Doug turns 44 today.

Below: Doug in 'Mischief'

Some of Tony Ward's early photo shoots are some of the hottest out there. Tony turns 47 today.

Andrew Stevens turns 55 today.

Below: Andrew in 'Illicit Dreams'

Feel: Lin McEwan

Directed by Rolando Ramos
Camera work and Edit by Steve Ovendon
Starring Lin McEwan and Brandon Ruckdashel
Make-up by Lauren Crowell
Inspired by Chris Isaak's Wicked Game

Ok, I must admit I initially listened and watched the video for Feel by Lin McEwan because it included one of my favorite actors Brandon Ruckdashel. I watched the video the first time enjoying Brandon at his most beautiful. By the end of the first viewing I had to listen again...and again and again. McEwans deep haunting voice got inside my head and the images of the video and the sound of her voice are now a permanent part of me.

It was a bit ironic to research a bit about Lin today and stumble upon her site. Playing when you enter is beautiful song entitled 'Favorite Things'. The song and it lyrics frighteningly fit the motivation for this blog to a T. Lin McEwans voice is now one of my favorite things.

Find more about Lin at her Site HERE: and on Facebook HERE:

You will not regret clicking on Lin's site and listening to 'Favorite Things'. I stuck around for awhile and also listened to my favorite song by Lin 'Rest of Me'. Incredible!

Kudos to Jonathan Groff and Glee

"Kiss my ass, Josh Groban."

Kudos to all those responsible for the season finale of Glee! Yes the Shelby adoption of Beth was predictable and yes to me the last song was one song to many but...why quibble when you just watched such an enjoyable hour of television. Kudos!

I have to single out Jonathan Groff and those responsible for the "Bohemian Rhapsody" production. Rhapsody is one of rocks most dramatic anthems and this to me was up there with some of the best stagings of the song. Groff was amazing and it is easy to see why so many were injured during the filming of the song. During this song so much happened from Quinn's baby being born to closure for Jesse and Rachel not to mention ensuring the audience understood why New Directions did not win.

I truly hope Ryan Murphy brings back Groff next season. Groff is already scheduled to be in London on stage in Deathtrap through the late summer and fall, but he is far too talented to let go.

Below: 2 shots from Details.

Some of my favorite Groff shots:

Just Because: Tommy Herd

Just Because:
Does there have to be a reason to post Nous Model Tommy Herd's new Polaroids?