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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 9th

Adam Ramzi by Ryan Edward Scott
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Happy Birthday today March 9th

Happy 28th today to Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow

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Eight Days Of The Week: Tuesday

I am only on day two of Eight Day and already it is getting hard. Choosing just five prime time hotties proved especially difficult for Tuesday. If leaving off the Winchester brothers (below) wasn't hard enough, having to leave off Ioan Gruffudd was even harder. Ultimately I had choose my favorite five, two which appear on shows I have never watched. I am only grateful James Wolk's new show Zoo doesn't premiere until June!

Brett Dalton in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I haven't seen Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but I have seen enough images of actor Brett Dalton to be intrigued. Such a great face with those beautiful brown eyes and that great face and chin.

David Walton in About A Boy

I am not sure I actually like About A Boy, but I do like me some David Walton. David is not only freakishly adorable, he is also such an appealing actor that he makes even the silliest scenes watchable. Maybe it is a bit about his character that has you rooting for him, but thanks to David, this show is programmed on the DVR.

Grant Gustin in The Flash

My interest in The Flash has waned a bit since the shows debut, but my interest in actor Grant Gustin certainly has not. Since first setting my eyes on that adorable grin I have loved the talented Mr. Gustin.

Chris Messina in The Mindy Project

I have loved Chris Messina the actor since first being introduced to him on Six Feet Under. I have followed, mostly his dramatic roles since. My interest in Chris Messina, the sexual God was cemented however watching him dance on The Mindy Project. (check out that dance on FH HERE:)

Chris in 28 Hotel Rooms

Taylor Kinney in Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire is another show I have yet to watch. I think I caught a few minutes of the pilot and plan on catching up one of these days. I am keenly however, aware of the testosterone laced cast including the oh so hot Taylor Kinney. In addition to his role as TV hunk, Kinney is clearly also a romantic given his Valentine proposal to Lady Gaga.

Taylor on Shameless

Tunnel: Adam Ramzi by Ryan Edward Scott

As some of you may remember, Ryan Edward Scott made his first appearance on FH back in 2010, not as a photographer but as a model. I featured Ryan's images in a series themed Private Moments Made Public, shot by the wonderful Michael Puff. Michael has a knack of shooting models who abilities in front of the camera match his skill and artistry behind it.

I then began to follow Ryan's blog in which he posted dramatically erotic visuals, self portraits weaving so many interesting concept, poses and idea's. I featured some of these images in a series of posts including one of my favorites, At The Top Of The Stairs. My last few posts featuring Ryan's work have been his work with other models, many of which are featured on his tumblr and in editorials on The Summer Diary Project.

There is always a hint of beautiful danger in Ryan's work, Woody Fox Hung by the rafters in an old barn, Elijah scaling a roof or Kennedy, naked in front of the many windows of his penthouse apartment. Drama and danger are both apart of Ryan's shoot with model and adult actor Adam Ramzi. Shot on location near Hunters Bay Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco, there is always an element of danger on or near train tracks, especially when one is completely naked.

I love the dramatic visuals Ryan has created with this series especially the captures of Adam's incredible poses on the tracks. Ryan provided a great sense of scope and I love especially love the images in which the light at the end of the tunnel appears in the background. Like Michael Puff, Ryan knows how to choose models whose presence and pose matches his skill and visual and artistic imagination.

Ryan Scott on FH:

Quaternate: Richard Rothstein

Once upon a time there was an entertainer that I was profiling. I devoted an entire day of posts on FH and focused on their work as a model with three separate artists. The subject of the posts however ended up asking for their images to be removed. They felt they were not meshing with the direction of the career as an entertainer. I didn't mind. Through putting together the posts, I had the opportunity to do my first posts ever on FH featuring the work of Gordon Nebeker, Michael Styles and New York's Richard Rothstein. Richard Rothstein's work has become a regular part of FH since that day and Richard, a favorite artist to collaborate with. Going back through the posts featuring his work, was like travelling through an entire year in New York at lightening speed. The feel of the city, the sights, the colors, the seasons and weather and of course, all of those incredible men of Manhattan.

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