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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 8th

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Happy Birthday today February 8th

Like a fine vintage!
Happy 41 to Joshua Morrow

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Second Thoughts...

I love Rosie O'Donnell. I don't always like her, but I love how raw she is, unpredictable, passionate and flawed. It is her flaws I love the most, mental illness struggles, haters beyond compare, yet.. she remains creative, and tries to spread hope even when she isn't feeling it herself. I am saddened she is leaving the few for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I cannot help but think of the hope Rosie must have felt when her return was planned and made public. A way to undo the negativity which surrounded her first farewell. I am sure Rosie was thrilled at the second chance to do it again, especially without the negativity she felt from Bill Geddie and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I am also disappointed because The View has become almost unwatchable, a mess of a show that was only tolerable during Whoopi's after Christmas absence.

I love Whoopi Goldberg the actress, I will never turn on so many of her performances that brought me joy over the years. As a moderator though, she is horribly miscast. Goldberg clearly feels the need to always be in charge, difficult with Rosie on the other side I admit, but she bulldozes through topics, ensuring she always has the last, and the loudest, word. Goldberg's biggest issues is her utter refusal not to let another be right. When the subject of race comes up, Goldberg is an utter mess. She agree's and praises many guests, especially those who are black who discuss the issues, but has utterly refused to allow Rosie to have an opinion on the issue, disagreeing with points she has already agreed with on previous shows, with previous guests. Goldberg insists Rosie never be right about race issues, always saying it is not about being black, that the issues apply to all. In theory maybe correct but her motives are crystal clear. Goldberg seemed committed to keeping Rosie in her place, marking her teritory by with volume, indignation and and her huge ugly old chair.

It will be interesting to see (I'll read about, I won't be watching) what happens when Rosie leaves. Nicole Wallace mistakenly chose a side. Her looks to Goldberg are not as subtle as she thinks they are she has made it visually clear she is Louise to Goldberg's Thelma. That didn't end so well though did it. Wallace should have remained neutral as my suspicion is, the ratings are about to take an even bigger dip. People turned back into The View for Rosie and I think many were put off seeing Goldberg consistently silence her. The show's clear tension the past few months was not arguing it was silence. The tension is at it's height when O'Donnell gets quiet, refusing to enter in a debate that Goldberg, being moderator, will never let her win. Rosie doesn't want another battle, I wish she did, but it was a battle that marked her first departure, I am guessing she would rather this one end more peacefully. Rosie O maybe going, but me thinks Rosie P might have the last word. She doesn't have the same history and doesn't seem at all ok when Goldberg tries to shut her down...

Solid: Adam Coussins by Karl Royce

'At first it was weird seeing myself nude but it has gotten to be more normal. A lot of people seem to enjoy seeing me so if I can make anyone's day a little better and it makes them happy then its worth it. It's not so bad to be wanted.'

The first time model Adam Coussins appeared in FH was back in 2009, and I believe he has popped up a time or two every year since. I first talked to Adam about his work when I interviewed him about being the cover guy on Dylan Rosser's Naked book. Adam was one of the kindest and most helpful models I have interviewed, down to earth, supportive and open to doing anything he could to help with the piece.

There is a reason Adam has appeared so often on FH and a reason why his features are always so popular and why so many of the world's best photographers want him in front of their camera. Yes, his great face and incredible body don't hurt but that is just the beginning. Adam always brings his A game, solid and unfailing, consistently producing images a cut above the rest. All of this certainly applies to these hot, sexy and dripping wet images from London photographer Karl Royce.

Karl loved working with the 25 year old Derby model and says that Adam knew exactly what he needed as an artist in order to capture his vision of the shoot. Karl says Adam gave 100% and was so wonderfully easy to direct. Karl defiantly looks forward to working, and exploring new themes and concepts, with Adam in the future.

'Yes he is really is that sexy, good looking and masculine in real life! He's a man's man, hetro in every way but with a sweet open minded and warm nature. Funny, quick witted, very professional, arriving on time even though he was travelling 150 miles to get to the shoot.'

Washington Gigolo

I only got caught up with this season's Scandal this past month so I was late in getting seduced by the shows's resident stud for hire. Cyrus wasn't late however, he jumped into bed with Michael without hesitation, something he would later come to regret.

Michael is played by the delicious Matthew Del Negro and although I am still pissed the show killed off James (Dan Bucatinsky), Del Negro's Michael makes it a bit easier to swallow. Del Negro has been melting the hearts of television fans since the late 80's in shows including; The West Wing, Beautiful People, The Soprano's and The United States Of Tara.

Below: Del Negro on The Good Wife

In the last few years the actor has often been shirtless, sexing it up on both Teen Wolf and Mistress's before landing on Cyrus on Scandal. I love that the show hired a 42 year old stud to lure Cyrus instead of a 20 something actor most other shows might have gone for. The love scenes are hot and Del Negro looks incredible, I love his strong face and he has an incredible body which looks great either in or out of his work attire. I am pretty sure Del Negro's scenes on Scandal were part of the reason for Billy Crystal's recent comments about sex on television and for that, he can be proud!