Thursday, April 24, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 25th

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Happy Birthday today April 25th

Happy 28th to actor Daniel Sharman!

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Naked News:

Naked man stops Los Angeles traffic!

The unidentified nudist filmed along the Pacific Coast Highway danced, wiggled and according to one witness ran and broke glass while entirely in the buff before crawling cars and several extremely patient firefighters.

Just Plain Sexy

If you need a little more sexy in your life, and who doesn't check out the new Portuguese on-line magazine simply called Sexy! April's issue, completely free is available now HERE:

Black & Blue: Terrylane by Karl Royce

'Karl's background as a painter plays an important role as not only is space devoid of boundaries with his images, but color as well. Most of Karl's models are surrounded by just one color, often, but not necessarily black. The surrounding starkness adds a beautiful freedom to his work as well as flow of mobility the models utilize within the space.'

The quote above comes from my first feature on the work of London photographer Karl Royce this past Valentine's Day.  (The Chair)  For this piece, Karl sent on many different shots of 37 year old model Terrylane from several different shoots. Karl says that Terry has defiantly become one of his favorite models to work with and has come to regard him as a bit of a muse. For some reason, even with the more edgier shots Karl sent on, my favorites remained his images of Terry in front of the Black and Blue background.

'Karl is a pleasure to model for. A true gentleman and he produces fantastic photos.'

The solid colors, especially black, beautifully highlight and contrast with Terry's skin and body art. With the intricate lines and detail of his tattoo's the solid brings the viewers gaze to Terry with the background color acting as almost a platform or stage for his body to look it's best. Terry left a desk job to train as an electrician but really loves his work as a life model. Karl says it was Terry's work as an artists model that led to their meeting. Terry has posed twice for Spencer Tunik and his images were also featured in the Sun newspaper. Terry is someone who loves being naked and totally comfortable within his own skin. His comfortability with his body, and being nude, is evident and brings an ease and relaxation to his work and images.

'Terry is friendly, confident and has a wicked sense of humour which translates to his cheeky smile and twinkle in those aqua eyes. He is quick witted and really fun to be around, If I am being honest, we spend a lot of the time just chatting rather than concentrating on the shoot!'