Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 21st

Bad Santa by Richard Rothstein
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Welcome Winter!

Manhood & Mistletoe

Christmas is a time to visit with old friends, so it makes the perfect moment to re-visit some of my favorite holiday themed shoots from Richard Rothstein.  I've been featuring Richard's work since 2012, with over a hundred different posts including many erotically charged festive shoots. 

You can check out back door Santa, as well as Serg, (bottom two shots) and Nick (first 3 pics) wth his hard holiday nuts, on Richard's updated Quaternate Post HERE:  You can also scroll down and see a brand new holiday shoot not featured before on FH . 

12 Days: Jake Epstein in Mistletoe & Menorahs

'When a toy company executive must learn about Hanukkah to land a big account, she enlists the help of her co-worker's friend, who also happens to be in need of turning his pad into a Christmas Wonderland to impress his girlfriend's father.'

With this past Sunday kicking off The Festival of Lights, I wanted to celebrate with a holiday Hanukkah themed film.  I haven't had time to watch Hanukkah on Rye, which just aired this week, but I did manage to catch a repeat of the Hanukkah themed Mistletoe and Menorahs.

The film actually aired on Lifetime in 2019, the year both networks began airing Hanukkah themed films.  As one of the first films out of the gate, the network played it a bit safe, mixing both the eight day festival and Christmas together into the story.  Given it's one of the first, I'll cut it some slack, and for viewers not really familiar with Hanukkah, it actually did a decent job of providing a bit of information on some Hanukkah traditions.

When Christy (Kelley Jakle) has to make a presentation, creating a new line of toys, she's asked to do it at her perspective new boss's Hanukkah party.  Given she knows little about the holiday, her friend hooks her up with a school teacher Jonathan. (Jake Epstein)  Given Jonathan is about to meet his Christmas loving girlfriend's father, both teach each other about the customs and traditions of their respective holidays. 

Degrassi: The Next Generation (2002-2009)

The movie was a little basic, but the performances for the most part sold it.   I've been a fan of the talented actor Jake Epstein since his days as Craig on Degrassi: The Next Generation.  The Toronto born Epstein is a regular on Canadian television and in addition to a number of Hallmark and Lifetime movies, the actor also most recently appeared on episodes of shows including: Star Trek Generations, The Hardy Boys and The Umbrella Academy.

Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark (2011-2014)

The talented actor and singer got his start back in 1999 in a Soulpepper Theatre Production of Our Town. Since then he's appeared on stage in productions of;  Spring Awakening, Billy Elliot: The Musical, American Idiot, Straight and on Broadway in Beautiful: The Carole King Story and Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark.

Being Erica (2009)

Although Jake hasn't done any on-screen nudity, he has had a few shirtless scenes.  These caps from from, Battle Royale, a 2009 season two episode of the Canadian series Being Erica

Naughty by Nature: Brian by Richard Rothstein

'Be naughty, save Santa the trip!'

With less than two weeks left in 2022, I couldn't let the year end, without featuring the work of one of my favorite artists, photographer Richard Rothstein.  I love the men he shoots, the themes he captures and his expansive studio, the city of Manhattan.  I've featured some of Richard's shoots in New York studios, at various Manhattan landmarks, in his condo and on his buildings rooftop.  My favorite shoots however, are usually the ones that take place on the streets and in the parks of the city. 

This shoots, featuring bad Santa Brian, took place in Manhattan's Inwood Hill Park.  Located in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan, the park rise 200 feet above the Hudson River from Dyckman Street to the northern tip of the island. Densely folded, glacially scoured topography contains the largest remaining old-growth forest on Manhattan Island.

The park is largely natural and consists of mostly wooded, non-landscaped hills.  If you're a fan of Richard's work, and have checked out his previous pieces on the site, you may have noticed that many of the shoots featured naked male models in different area of the park.  In the woods, in the playground, and jogging naked along the Hudson. 

For this shoot, Richard and Santa Brian got up before dawn and headed to the park in the darkness just before the sun rises.  Given his role around the holidays, Brian is used to getting up early and throwing on his fur hat and red suit.  Unlike during his Christmas Eve travels, for this particular act of giving, the red suit didn't remain on for too long.

The early morning hour meant there would be less distractions, and fewer people wanting a turn on Santa's lap.  After some shots on the concrete court, it was time to head into the woods, and really lean into the naughty.  Brian's naked body is nicely naughty though, there to be enjoyed by adults, especially ones able to tap into that excitement, the kind only seen and felt around the holidays. 

As strikingly beautiful as this set images are, some of my favorites were the ones where the holiday spirit whacked both Richard and Brian hard, leading to a fun series of images highlighting the fun of both Christmas, and being outside on a cold winter day.  Check them out on the NEXT PAGE HERE: