Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 9th

SILV by MW Photo MD
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Happy Birthday today December 9th

Happy 60th to actor Joe Lando!

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Ball Drop


Today's beautiful balls, and beautiful behinds, belong to Trey, (above) and art model Brian. (below).  more of my Christmas countdown, and the work of RMark Photography, to come over the next 15 days! 


Just Because: Ross Lynch

In all honesty, I haven't really seen much of actor and musician Ross Lynch on screen.  I've seen his butt scene in My Friend Dahmer, (HERE:) and a few episodes of Sabrina, but I couldn't stick with it.  Sabrina, much like Riverdale, started out strong.  Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is a talented writer/producer, but even when he has all the elements he needs, fails to create compelling stories.  It's a shame, both shows have great actors, most of whom are wasted with weak storytelling.

I do thank Sabrina however, for introducing me to Lynch.  Even with the little I watched, I certainly noticed his sexual energy and appeal.  Lynch is incredibly hot, something that actually comes across more in photos than on-screen.  If you check out his social media, he looks so much better in selfies and shots taken by his friends, than in promotional images for his projects.  Check out some of my favorite of both HERE:

Jack Ellis: FaVorites

Thanks to a poster on DC, I recently discovered UK based model Jack Robert Ellis.  I actually noticed Jack last year, in a Valentine series for GayTimes.  The shot I saved wasn't credited, but a recent images search confirmed it was the same model.  Jack has a great physique, but I also really love his strong facial features, and for some reason.... especially his great nose.

Jack by Tom Buck

Jack by Charles Moriarty

Jack Ellis & Jack Hurrell by Darren Black

Jack by Kyle Springate

Love this series from photographer Kyle Springate.