Friday, September 20, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 21st

Ocean Run by Mark Leighton
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Happy Birthday today September 21st

Birthday boy, actor Pablo Echarri who I first saw in Burnt Money (2000)

Check out more of Pablo HERE: and more of today's birthdays HERE: HERE: HERE: & even more HERE:

Favorite Clicks Of The Week:

Above: Joseph Lally does it again! love this new image.

Some of my favorite clicks of the week!

ER & Pretty Little Liars actor Julian Morris looking good in In Wonderland Magazine

Town & Country knows the buzz they have created and have released a few more shots of the man causing so much North, South, West and East Wood!

I hereby crown Eddie Granger the new king of the selfie!

Who Says...

That you can't wear white after Labor Day?

When shooting in the Atlantic, along the breathtaking beaches in in Lagos, Portugal, white is really the only option, unless of course, you wear nothing at all. In part 2 of showcasing the incredible seaside images from photographer Mark Leighton, when wet, wearing white is truly the only option.

The Co-Star Cougar:

Cougars aren't a new phenomenon, especially in Hollywood, whenever there is money, and young cubs in search of fame, cougars will be on the prowl. An excellent stalk-and-ambush predator, the cougar pursues a wide variety of prey. Ever since cub Kutcher was caged and captured, cougars have gained the unfair reputation of stalking cubs much younger than themselves, but there is a new breed of cougar making waves in Hollywood, and age is is not a factor in their choice of prey. The Co-star cougar is caging men left and right, using and riding their fame until they find an even bigger cub to mount. The co-star cougar starts by caging their television co-stars, sometime making their way through the entire cast. Television cubs however are not the ultimate bounty, as you can clearly see from the examples below, most Co-Star cougars ultimately are looking for a target from the big screen as the last catch.

Cougar: Emily Van Camp:
Caged Co-Stars: Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters) and Joshua Bowman (Revenge)
Movie Star Catch: To be determined...

Cougar: Sophia Bush
Caged Co-Stars: One Tree Hill co-stars; James Lafferty, Chad Michael Murray, Austin Nichols
Movie Star Catch: None yet, but she is currently dating a program manager from google

Cougar: Rachel Bilson
Caged Co-Star: Adam Brody
Movie Star Catch: Hayden Christensen

Cougar: Jennifer Garner
Caged Co-Stars: Scott Foley (Felicity) & Michael Vartan (Alias)
Movie Star Catch: Ben Affleck

Cougar: Blake Lively
Caged Co-Stars: Penn Badgley and Sebastian Stan (rumoured) (Gossip Girl)
Movie Star Catch: Ryan Reynolds