Friday, March 12, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 13th

Everson by Lite Fusion

Happy Birthday today March 13th

Happy Birthday to actor Brandon Ruckdashel!

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Seasonal Sightings

Obviously a little March snow didn't get in the way of arm day!

Media Men: Lucas Hall

Sometimes when you meander around the web you scroll for hours without seeing anything exciting.  Other times, you wander into something fun, sexy and especially unique.  Lucas Hall's Twitter is all of those things and more.  The 21 year old video creator says his videos are all about exploration, of both himself, and the world around them. 

Hall's videos have a theme.  They include both Lucas alone, and Hall with some of his buddies, going from fully dressed, to completely naked, in a split second video edit.  His goal, to keep creating new and boundary pushing ways to express himself through his videos.   Hall shares a lot on his Twitter (HERE:) but also has an OnlyFans (HERE:) which goes a lot further.  You can sample more of his content on his free OnlyFans preview page by checking out his link page on his Instagram HERE:

Naked Attraction Italia

Episode 1

I first noticed blonde Adonis Matteo on Casperfan last month.  I had watched a few versions of the show, but didn't know an Italian version premiered this year.  Certainly the show knew what they were doing by starting out with Matteo.  The show is in Italian, and part of me wished there had been English captions.  Part of me was glad they didn't.  Without them, I could could pretend the wavy haired Matteo was exactly who I wanted him to ben.

Sure, I spent a fair bit of time checking out Matteo's lovely penis and beautiful butt, but I found myself focused on his face and hair.  I love his mouth and nose and the structure of his face.  I also love his wavy thick hair, both on his head, and above his penis.  

It's interesting seeing nude men from other cultures and other parts of the world.  Of course guys everywhere make the choice to shave or not, but it sort of seems that Italian men might be more included to let grow au natural. 

I was also struck by the body tattoos on the Italian contestants, both male and female.  I think I chose the three men I'm featuring here due to their lack of tats.  I love a great tattoo on a hot guy, but it seemed watching the shows first 5 episodes, that so many of the men, and even more so the women, had many tattoos all over their bodies.  I'm still on the fence about multiple tattoos, on most bodies anyway.  If tattoos are in a part, a unique artistic expression, it seems you lose a bit of the impact, when you where too many.  

Episode 3

I didn't catch this cutie's name from the shows second episode.  At least the female contestant seemed disappointed in her choice when she saw his adorable face and smile.

Episode 4

'Marco is a handsome guy but most of the girls he went out with didn't appreciate him physically and in intimacy.'

The girls might not have appreciated episode 4's Marco, but from watching the show, I certainly appreciate his charms, and his perfectly round behind.