Friday, April 1, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 2nd

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Happy Birthday today April 2nd

Happy 55th to actor Christopher Meloni!

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'I know a boat you can get on....'
Anita, West Side Story

Instagrams That Inspire

Above: Empire of the Sons for GQ

Empire returned this week and although I haven't had time to watch yet, I am looking forward to checking back in on the Lyon brothers, especially the families eldest son played the by the talented and incredibly hot Trai Byers. Although I found the writing a bit uneven this season, Trai's talents have made Andre the most watchable actor in the cast.

Below: Trai by Ricardo Nelson for Bleu Magazine

Dragon's Lair: Mr.Berglund by JDT Photography

'I think if you're truly passionate about the photos you are taking, the end result will always be better.'

I first shared the work of Jesse from JDT Photography with FH readers back in the spring of 2014.  I think with each piece that I have worked on, I have fallen more and more in love with his images, and the way in which Jesse so beautifully captures the male form.

Jesse has an eye for capturing men in moments of elegance.  No matter who he seems to work with, Blakely. R doing ballet on a dock, Cade roaming in the long grass or Scott cooling off in the river, Jesse captures more than just skin, but moments of movement both graceful, and incredibly sexy. Jesse also has a fascinating way of shooting models as if they were doing a fashion shoot for GQ, even when the model is completely naked, with no fashion in sight at all.

Still in his twenties, the Georgia photographer was still new to shooting the male form when I first featured his work two years ago.  From the very beginning, Jesse had an eye, and the skill to capture models many photographers never reach.  Jesse instinctively seemed to see beyond just the body in front his camera. Jesse's images not only used pose and movement, but lighting and location to pull in every once of beauty from his models and their surroundings.

I can't think of any better of example to illustrate this than Jesse's image of extraordinary Mr. Berglund.  Tall, lean with incredible hair and dramatic and hypnotizing blue eyes, Mr. Berglund's moves and poses are perfectly captured by artist behind the lens.  Jesse captures just enough of Mr. Berglund's dragon to make have you salivating to see every inch....of the well placed tattoo.

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Classic Playgirl: Spring 2011

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