Sunday, December 4, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 4th

Michael by Rick from StudioR9 Tampa
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Happy Birthday today to Jeff Bridges

Just Because: Stats

I love blogger stats! It is always fascinating to see what is grabbing attention. Although #'s 3-10 were model and photographer profiles, the #2 clicked on post for November was The Property Brothers and the #1 was my piece on Jessica Lange. I am sure it has to do with where certain posts are linked but having Jessica's post the top viewed post somehow surprised me!

Speaking of Lange, isn't her tv son really knocking it out of the park on American Horror Story. Evan Peters has been both terrifying and heartbreaking as Tate. His reveal as the Rubber Man was a surprise to me! There are so many incredible characters on AHS but Tate is one of the most intriguing.

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He's back........

Chord Overstreet strips his way back to Glee this Tuesday in a welcomed, and not entirely unpredictable, return. I am pretty sure Chord was never really 'off' the show but instead his brief hiatus was a great way for the show to generate buzz for one of it's most popular actors.

Kudos also to Harry Shum Jr. Mike Chang has danced behind the shows leads for over two years and lately he finally gets the chance to shine.

Frank Ryan by Studio R9 Tampa

My usual association when I hear the name Frank is of the father of a school friend of mine. I remember growing up hearing his wife constantly saying 'Frank, no, Frank stop!' She was always saying that because that Frank was loud, abrasive, and always doing something that bothered or embarrassed his wife.

Thanks to Rick from Studio R9 I now have a much better vision when Frank comes up. When going through Rick's portfolio it was clear there was something special about m20 year old Tampa model Frank Ryan. I can't exactly put it into words but you see it too I know. Frank's appeal is not hidden or subtle, it is on the surface for everyone to see and enjoy.

Rick saw it as well and his camera certainly captured it beautifully. Rick has been a photographer for many years and has his own studio in Tampa. Rick's focus for the past six years has been shooting models, both male and female. Frank was Rick's server at a local restaurant and Rick knew right away he had something special.

After about 3 months of us talking back and forth about a shoot, I agreed to work with him in my studio and settings. He was a natural and very comfortable in front of the camera.
Rick, Studio R9 Tampa

I think Frank's ease and comfort being in front of Rick's lens is one of the major factors to his appeal. It is odd to me how often even some models, even some major successful ones, almost seem to not want their images to be enjoyed. You can see it in their work, no matter what the image, the pose, their unease is unmistakable. This is not the case with Frank Ryan. Frank has a clear confidence which can be seen through his eyes and demeanor.

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Kudos to Dominic Cooper in The Devil's Double

I am not sure why but until The Devil's Double actor Dominic Cooper was not even remotely on my radar. I am not sure I really saw him in too much actually. I think I knew him most from him being in Mamma Mia and I only got about 10 minutes into that movie before turning it off.

Checking IMDB I of course saw many of Cooper in many of his earlier roles but again he never jumped off the screen the way he did in The Devil's Double. His dual performance was flawless from beginning to end and I hope he is remembered as we enter the award season. The film is incredible, hard to watch at times due to violence and the immense level of cruelty but it never let go of me until the credits began to role.