Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 14th

How about UK model Lee Stram for humpday.
Photo by Carl Timson.

American Idol Update:

Ok, there really is little need to post on Idol today except as an excuse to post this new pic of Tim Urban. I am still not enjoying this season so I did my usual DVR of the show and watched it in about 12 minutes at around midnight. Skipped all the judges comments, the commercials and most of Ryan's filler. The performances were ok (and given I am objectifying Urban, I will say he was my favorite of the night...truly, and this time for his song). I am over Crystal who is good, but really is only seen as 'great' because those around her are so bad. Put her on almost any previous season and she would be long gone. I like big Mike but I think the judges might regret that save... Adam Lambert was actually a very effective mentor and I think more ex idols should return for this task.