Thursday, May 9, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 9th

Robbie Franco by Graham Martin
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Happy Birthday today May 9th

Happy Birthday to the incredible Brandon Rubendall!

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Smash: Through His Eyes

I am not sure about you, but usually when I am passionate about a TV show it is not just story, but also because I connect with, and identify with a particular character. Through this connection, as a viewer, I experience the show, the story, the other characters through their eyes. In season one of Smash, there really wasn't a character I liked enough to invest in, therefore giving up before the season ended. In season 2, from the first episode on, I watched and experienced the world of Smash through Kyle, played by Broadway veteran Andy Mientus.

Andy's character was killed off last week, mostly I guess to further Jimmy's story. If I thought Smash was returning next season I would be angry, to me Kyle was the far more interesting of the two. Given Smash seems to be on it's last legs, this time, the killing of a favorite TV character seems like a blessing. Killing Kyle gave Mientus some meaty scenes that ensure the character is remembered for more than Jimmy's adoring best friend. Looking forward to seeing more of Andy in the future!

Sitting In A Tree: Robbie Franco by Graham Martin

'Whether deep in an English forest, or a studio in the city, London artist Graham Martin’s love of capturing the male form ensures that regardless of model or location, the essence of each man in front of his lens will translates beautifully through in each and every image. '

I wrote the words above as part of an introduction to portfolio piece featuring the work of photographer Graham Martin for the most recent issue of tMf Magazine. While spending time with Graham's images, I was struck with a quality I really loved. Both with his in studio work and especially evident in his location work. I can only describe it as enchanting, maybe even slightly mystical. Graham seemed to be letting models to use their imaginations, to have fun, explore the Forrest surroundings and play. When you play, anything is possible and it almost felt like at any moment they might turn a corner or peak beyond a tree and run smack into Mr. Tumnus.

Photography has been a passion for Graham Martin since he was a child. His creative expression was not restricted to photography; he surrounded himself and filled his life with all aspects of the arts including art, music and drama. More recently however, he has dedicated his time specifically to photography and his site MenArt was launched to showcase his work with some of the countries most beautiful men

Recently, Graham collaborated with Amsterdam model Robbie Franco who some of you will most certainly remember from my profile, (No Limits) this past March. I commented in that piece how much I loved the level of expression and emotion Robbie is able to convey through his work. In these images from Graham, I love the erotic drama Robbie expresses through his eyes, body and pose. I especially love the images of Robbie in the tree. Not only beautiful but also organic as Robbie looks so comfortable in the setting. It is as if he belongs there and not a model, posing in a location.

Robbie attributes the success of the shoot, especially the tree shots to couple of things. First, he felt a strong connection with Graham. Robbie says Graham is the best! From the first minute they met, he felt comfortable with how professional and kind Graham was. Throughout the nine hour shoot, Graham clearly communicated what he wanted and gave specific and helpful direction. Robbie also channelled into the trill that many feel when completely naked outside. Along with the freedom felt, there is also an element of risk which Robbie says made the shoot both fun and exciting.

'Robbie came to me from looking to do an art shot and from the moment I saw those deep warm eyes I was hooked on his look. We wanted to capture the many sides of Robbie, he is fun, romantic, soulful, hot blooded, that will be the Spanish background, very sexy and there is a little horny devil buried inside there that didn’t take too long to tease out! So I made it my mission while working with Robbie to explore all these different sides throughout the shoot. First in the street showcasing Robbie as a more than capable fashion model. Then over to the studio where we were allowed the privacy to show of Robbie’s full accreditation!'

'Then... it was out the woods where the true exhibitionist came out. But also the fun side as he climbed trees like a big child and played in the forest like an excited teenager. This location was my favourite as Robbie laid back and enjoyed the sun displaying his great looks like a peacock loud and proud and happy to display his talent and manliness.'

It's Good Enough For Me, Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!

There was something about The Goonies that triggered magic in every little kid with big dreams and adventure fantasy's. I went to the theatre to see the film when I was about 9 or 10 and it brought to life every adventure I ever dreamed of. The Goonies represented all of those endless summer holiday's from school when I believed every trip to the beach would bring buried treasure and every trip into the woods would lead to the discovery of Big Foot or some other creature of the Forrest. Always prepared mentally to face the dragon, those imaginary adventures always included putting up a good fight, but also tons of running for your life!

I am usually not a fan of the those 'where are they now' shots. Usually they are done to ridicule and get joy out of the fact someone once beautiful has gotten older. Fact is we all get older, many get wider, all of us get wrinkles. There is almost something unnatural and rare, maybe even diabolical (Jane Fonda...) when someones body does not grow at the same rate as their age.

But, when the second image above appeared on my Facebook timeline this week, I had to stop and smile at the beautiful irony surrounding it. The image of The Goonies cast today may have been around for awhile but it was the first time I had seen it.

Josh Brolin (Milwaukee, Minnesota, 2003)

At different times in my life, I crushed over many of the cast members, Jonathan Ke Quan, Sean Astin and Josh Brolin. For me, Josh was never hotter than during those his time on The Goonies. He is still a good looking man, but there is a hardness about Brolin. Even when hosting Saturday Night Live, it always seems like he wants to kill, or least punch, someone. I must admit, I never really had a crush on Feldman, but I do love him in one of my all time favorite movies, The Lost Boys.

Corey Feldman (Blown Away, 1993)

Sean Astin was always my favorite. I remember sitting with friends as a teen, still firmly 'straight' seeing Toy Soldiers. When Sean jumped wet into that window, dropped his pants and ran across the room, I had difficulty sitting still, squirming just a little and sweating quite a bit. I am not sure if any of the guys I was with noticed, but I felt all eyes were on me.

Sean Astin (Toy Soldiers, 1991)

Now I can't say I ever had a crush on Chunk, although he was a favorite character in the flick. There is a true beauty to seeing actor Jeff Cohen now. A successful California attorney, he appears confident, healthy and incredibly good looking. Jeff really seems to have aged and matured better than many and considering all the teen idols that Jeff shared the screen with, how wonderful is it that Chunk... is now a hunk!