Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 8th

Mr. Kent & Alex by Luke Young NY
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Seasonal Sightings:

Just Because: Travis Kelce

I didn't watch the Super Bowl this year, normally I try to catch the half-time show, but I wasn't home this year, so caught Rihanna later that night on YouTube.  Football is just not my sport, too slow, I prefer watching basketball and hockey which move at a much quicker pace.  

I am aware however, of certain football players, and this year, one in particular got the lion's share of attention.  Even before this years Super Bowl, Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, was all over the news.  This years game marked the first time a Super Bowl featured two brothers on opposing teams.  


Travis's brother Jason Kelce plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, the team opposing the Chiefs in this year's Super Bowl LVII.  Both Travis and Jason, and their mother, were all over the news with stories about the brothers, their teams rivalry, and who mom would celebrate and commiserate with, after the game.  The Chiefs won with Travis catching six passes for 81 yards and a touchdown as the Chiefs beat the Eagles 38–35. This brought Travis his second Super Bowl ring.

Last weekend, Travis hosted Saturday Night Live, and for me, it was one of the better episodes of the season.  It wasn't that the writing or sketches were so well written, it was Travis who elevated the episode.  His hottest and charisma sold many poorly written sketches, and his commitment and happiness just to be there were evident from the opening monologue to the goodbyes during the finale.

Spa Day!

A Desirous Duet: Alex and Mr. Kent by Luke Young NY

'Filming with Luke Cruz and Jade Young is such a wonderful experience. Alex is so beautiful he makes me crazy! Just remembering our filming, I can still feel myself inside him, and it makes me hot.'
Mr. Kent

Mr. Kent

Last year, I featured the work of photographer and filmmaker Luke Young.  Luke had recently opened a new site, (Luke Young NY) which featured incredibly hot shots and videos of so many of my favorite models,  In that first piece, (Young At Art) I featured single models from solo shoots, but Luke has also featured many incredible tantalizing twosomes. 


I don't often post couple shoots, and many FH readers might remember my previous pieces where I explained why.  When I first got on-line, and was starting FH, t didn't really say very many couple themed shots.  The few I did see, were promotional images for adult films, and they often lacked so many of the emotional elements I look for in a photo shoot. 

They had hot naked men for sure, but the visuals didn't embody the emotional components I connect with a couple in the heat of desire.   Sex might be the nucleus, but sex is an act and I also loved to see the associated emotions.   I don't necessarily mean love, but the heat and desire, intense sensuality and the passionate energy we all also long for an desire. 

You can see all of that and in Luke Young' s images and film featuring Alex and Mr. Kent.  Both men incredibly beautiful and together, their sexual chemistry is off the charts.  You can check out a few minutes in the preview video below.  To check out the full length, thirty minute version, head on over to Luke Young NY.

'On the film set at Luke Young NY, it is not unusual when models have explosive chemistry. What's more with Alex and Mr. Kent is also love at first sight. The two have such intense intimacy towards each other, the film is naturally a love story.'

Dansei no o Shiri


Often when I feature a book, or when I do a 'back issue' feature, it spotlights an American book or magazine, often going back to the 70's,  80's or 90's.  This time, it's a publication is from Japan, and is focused on one of my favorite subjects, the male buttocks. (Dansei no o shiri)

This incredible collection features over a hundred and thirty breathtaking images from Yuchi Photography Studios.  The collection features three different male models, all exhibiting their private desires in the interior of a private lodging.

Although there are three models featured, the headliner, and the model in the first half of the publication, is Japanese male super model Meng Chen. Meng certainly has a spectacular butt which Yuchi Photographer beautifully captures.  Although the butt may be the theme, the book also doesn't shy away from full frontal from Meng, as well as Wang Wang and Wei En, the other two models featured. 

Published in hardcover last year, the collection of Beautiful Butt is now available digitally on platforms including Pubu, Google, Bookwalker, 博客來, Kobo and Readmoo.