Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Favorite PIc of the Day for November 26th

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Although not every country celebrates Thanksgiving on the same day, and with the same traditions, as the United States, most have a holiday sometime during Autumn to celebrate, and give thanks for, the many blessings of Harvest. Some countries, like Canada and Germany, had their celebrations already in October, most others celebrate in November, or another date near the time of the Harvest moon.

Sending well wishes to all who pop into FH each week.  To those celebrating in the US today, and to those who have already given thanks,  Happy Thanksgiving!

Leaf Through

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Robert Downey Jr. in Home For The Holidays

I have always been a little hot & cold when it comes to actor Robert Downey Jr. I have always thought of him as attractive, but I was never really attracted to him. (nor him to me I suspect..) I have always found him incredibly talented, yet rarely enjoyed many of his movies. I liked some of his turns in the 80's and 90's, especially Less Than Zero and Soapdish, but I have never been drawn to any of the Iron Man movies, or Avenger related films.

That all changed last weekend when I finally sat and watched Jodie Foster's 1995 film Home For the Holidays. I had known of the film for awhile, but for some reason never watched. The Thanksgiving themed film brings the incredible Holly Hunter back home after losing her job to spend the holiday with her family. The entire cast is superb, Holly, Anne Bancroft and Dylan McDermott. I especially loved the performances by Charles Durning and Cynthia Stephenson who was both unlikable and heartbreaking at the same time.

I was also for the first time, physically attracted to Robert Downey Jr. I don't think it's just because he was homo for the holidays, Robert has played gay before. But his character, and his relationships with those around him was incredibly appealing. It also might have been that hair, and those sexy bangs that were all over his face.

I loved how Foster, with just a few scenes, gave Robert such beautifully well developed relationships with all those around him, from such different connections with each of his two sisters, to his quietly sweet relationship with his father. When it comes down to Thanksgiving movies, there are not a lot out there. Trains Planes and Automobiles being the most well known. Home for the Holidays is going to be on my Holiday watch list and look forward to another viewing, on another Thanksgiving a few years from now.

Bondtiful Harvest: Bond by New Manhattan Studios

'Plant the seed of desire in the field of imagination to grow the harvest of invention.'
Debasish Mridha

Fresh, ripe, plump, round, juicy, tasty, luscious, sticky and sweet, supple, melt in your mouth and of course all-natural and skinned could be words one might use when discussing a certain hot model.... Of course however, they are much more appropriate adjectives to describe ripened harvest fruits and vegetables. With Thanksgiving upon us, many fruits and vegetables have just reached the climax of their ripening, ready and waiting to be devoured.

Grapes, cranberries, figs, broccoli, green beans, spouts, root vegetables and of course apples, are at their juiciest just in time for the holiday. I can't think of a better setting, nor a better model, photographer and place, to spend a few minutes of the holiday with.  An apple orchard, Bond Brown and New Manhattan Studios, something I am immensely thankful for.

Gathering together with friends and loved ones is a staple of any great holiday. If you're a regular reader of FH, you know that Bond, and his work with NMS's Wes and Alex, have become a part of many recent holidays celebrated on FH. Halloween, both this year's and last, Valentine's Day, and briefly... very briefly, a bunny Bond appearance last Easter. It's a little too soon to know if Bond might be in our Christmas stocking, but I have certainly put it on my list!

'In late spring we spent a full day in California, first chasing Bond through an orchard and then capturing shots of him frolicking in and around a pool in one of the most spectacular settings we've ever seen: a pool of blue water suspended in a deck jutting out of the side of a hill high above the Pacific Ocean. Late that same day we wound up in an equally dramatic setting, shooting the intrepid model on rocks surrounded by a wild surf and thunderously crashing waves on a nearly-deserted beach north of Santa Cruz.'

Despite having moved to California at the start of the year, Bond remains one of the studio's favorite models to work with. The late spring shoot was one of three shoots they still managed to get in during the past year. The shoots took place both in California and back in New York and FH readers were given sneak peak of Bond's Beach shoot during my Last Gasp of Summer series. Bond looks right at home within his new environment and has never looked so at ease in front of the camera. Not matter where NMS shoots him, the studio, the streets of New York, a farm or the beach, a pool or in an apple orchard, Bond manages to beautifully tap into the feel of his surrounds and beautifully interacting with and within them.

'On a second trip to California this fall we were able to bring Bond back to the same orchard at harvest time. In the crystalline light of fall and with air redolent of apples we captured a series of images that appeared almost allegorical in nature. The viewer can decide. Who was in the orchard? Adam or William Tell?'

'We were able to shoot Bob back in New York again, in mid-summer, when he returned for a wedding. However, it was pretty obvious by then that New York had lost yet another native son to the California sun. When we worked with him again in October, it was obvious that Bob was a natural for California. It fits him like a glove.'

'Being a native of California who has spent his entire adult life in New York City, I was reminded of a couple of truisms I learned years ago: first, the grass is always greener on the other side of the continent. And secondly, Californians (like New Yorkers) can be born anywhere. It just takes some of us longer to get here.'

Not only is Bond one the studio's favorite models to shoot, he is also one of my favorite models to feature. Bond dives into his work with energy and a great sense of fun. This translates beautifully within his work to those enjoying the finished results. Bond's look has changed slightly over the time I have featured his work with NMS, but his enthusiasm for the work, and the process has only become stronger. I can never get enough of Bond's face face and devilish grin and incredibly hot bod, which Bond knows perfectly how to move and work for the camera. Despite all of the natural beauty within the apple orchard, I am not sure any can compete or are as breath taking as Bond's magnificent backside between the apple trees.

More of Bond’s images can be found at New Manhattan Studios, along with the studio’s work with over 50 additional models. Also check out a video preview for California Dreaming. California Dreaming is the focus of Captured Shadows, a new magazine from NMS available in print or download versions. The first issue is devoted to Bond's California shoot with tons of new images not shown here, many of which are UNCENSORED and only available for readers of the magazine!