Friday, December 16, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 17th

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Happy Birthday today December 17th

Happy 43rd to model and actor Mark Wystrach!

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Mark by Richard Pier Petit

Trimmed: gymn0s

I'm not going to be home on Christmas Day, but thanks to these shots of Gymn0s,  I was inspired this weekend, to put up a small tree.  FH favorite Gymn0s has made several appearances on the site, (HERE:) and these tree trimming shots are especially festively inviting!  

Contemporarily Decorative: Dawn Tang by John Mar Photo

'I love John's vision and sense of styling. Things always come together beautifully. We always inspire each other with the outfit choices and accessories that we each bring to the table.'

How did the shoot come together:
I wanna do a holiday themed photoshoot, I have worked with John before and always love his vision.

Often, the model suggests a holiday-themed shoot. Dawn and I collaborated on this shoot at the beginning of November. We had worked together before; he was in town again and asked if we could work some holiday pics into this shoot. 

When did you start shooting holiday shots? 
I think my first holiday shoot was about fifteen years ago. 

Where does your interest in the holiday theme come from? 
Holiday shoots bring a different energy to the studio. Models are free to really let loose and enjoy the shoot as they relive their favorite holiday memories. 

Are there any specific challenges with holiday shoots?
Given some fashion and props, I had to be 1000% still, but yet to get a good shot with slight losing variation and expression changes :)

Not every model is right for every theme and some prospective models have nixed the idea because it doesn’t fit with their style, but I’ve always been able to find the right model for a holiday shoot. 

'This shoot was truly collaborative. Dawn requested some holiday pictures and I started going through my studio props.'

What was it like working with each other:
We always inspire each other with the outfit choices and accessories that we each bring to the table. It's always been smooth and easy!

Dawn is a consummate professional. He is open to ideas and he knows how to pose. I have to give him very little direction since he knows how to find his light and he gives me such great looks. He has fun during a shoot and I think that the results show it. 

FaVorites: Jonathan Bennett


The Holiday Sitter

Jonathan's Instagram stories often  have surprises, including the reflection shot below.  

Your face smells like peppermint.
Aaron Samuels, Mean Girls

Jonathan with Amanda Bynes

Jonathan with husband Jaymes Vaughan

Although Jonathan hasn't done any on-screen nudity, he did have a hot scene in 2009's Van Wilder: Freshmen Year.  Thanks to xyzpdq for the video clip.