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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 14th

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Happy Birthday today January 14th

Happy 34th to Grant Gustin!

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The rom com Puppy Love premiered this past summer on freevee, starring Lucy Hale and Grant Gustin.  We've had a flash of Gustin's glutes before, on Instagram, but I think this is his first official nude scene on screen. 

The Gingham Altar 👨‍🍳

'You have two hours to achieve ultimate moistness.'
Sue Perkins

I started watching The Great British Bake Off in 2017, during Series 7 of the reality baking show.  Since then, I've continued two watch each series, and during the pandemic, caught up on the previous six years that I had missed.  Just like a good chocolate chip cookie or piece of homemade bread, I find the show a comforting distraction, an especially pleasant binge during those early months of Covid. 

Earlier this year, I did a small post on contestant Matty, and called him my bake off boyfriend.  I think cute Matty was the adorable boyfriend of many who watched.  It had me thinking that I'm often drawn to one particular contestant on reality shows, often a hot guy, but sometimes it's a man or woman who I'm just drawn to for one reason or another.  I think we all enjoy having someone to root for, and when I don't have one, I usually quickly lose interest in watching.

I think that's one of the reasons I stopped watching Big Brother.  In the shows first few seasons, there seemed to be more 'real' people on the show.  As time went on, it seemed there were more players just looking for there 15 minutes, and models and actors drafted by the producers and casting department. Although The Great British Bake Off is not an international hit, each season is still full of bakers who seem real, and most seem shocked they were chosen to be on the show.  No reality television show can completely stop '15 minute seekers' from slipping in, the show does a pretty good job of balancing the cast for each series.

After the post on Matty, I decided to do a post on my baker boyfriend from each season of the show.  The post however, took a little longer to assemble than I first thought.  I didn't actually have a crush each year, but there were always a baker or two I was rooting and watching for.

I decided it would make a good Christmas post, hence some of the holiday images you see included.  It's funny that as much as I love the show, I don't enjoy, and don't watch, the holiday episodes. But.. given baking is so connected to Christmas, I started, and did intend to make the post over the Christmas holidays.

I got about half way through assembling my list, and looking for images when I figured out there was no way to finish it up by my self imposed deadline.  I think however, that I'm finally done.  I say 'think', as every time I get ready to post, I think of another baker, host or aspect of the show that would be nice to include.

Over the next two pages you will find posts spotlighting each Series from the shows 14 seasons on the air.  For those who haven't watched, in addition to noting Tye's top favorite, (my baking boyfriend) I also note the winner of each season.  I also include some of my favorite baker's in the tent from each Series, as well that one baker who drove me nuts.  For some reason, In addition to finding a baker to crush over and root for, there seemed to be at least one baker every year who annoyed the shit out out of me.

Since this FH, I also had to try and find the hottest images I could find of my favorite bakers, some of whom, do have images of themselves without their aprons, and occasionally, without their pants.  Certainly not all of the guys have shirtless shots, but hopefully some of their images will cause your dough to rise and double in size.  Check out my findings from all 14 Series on the next two pages HERE: & HERE: 

Luke G: Stormy Weather

'Blow, blow, thou winter wind Thou art not so unkind, As man's ingratitude.'

When model and photographer Luke G went out to capture some wintery holiday images for FH last month, there was no snow. (Snow Stopper)   There had been snow earlier in the month, when Luke captured this series, but by Christmas, rain and warmer weather had thawed and dissolved all the white stuff away. 

This week seemed the perfect time to featured this series.  Almost every area in North America, every State in the US, and every Province in Canada, was under a weather advisory.  Artic air was flowing down from the north, blowing across the continent, and then back up.  If you aren't getting snow, then most likely getting rain, sleet or freezing rain.  If nothing wet is falling, then you're getting wind, or cooler temperatures than normal.

It's a common pattern for January, especially if you live in the mid-west or along the Eastern seaboard.  Every four or five days, a low forms, often in Colorado, Texas or the gulf, then heads North to wreak havoc in it's wake.  Usually, the pattern is broken by February, but for the next few weeks, we'll have to hold on. 

For this shoot, Luke used the scenic wooden bridge as the stage for his wintery play.  The snow looks beautiful as it clings to the wooden rails, just as beautiful as Luke's mesh thong looks clinging oh so tightly to his incredible body.  Speaking of beautiful, and scenic, if you haven't seen Luke's new haircut, check out some of his recent Twitter posts on his page HERE:

Thanks Luke, for once again heading into the woods, and baring the elements to capture such incredible self portraits for FH to share.

Luke on OnlyFans

Exercise Buffs


This piece was inspired by a post on DreamCap.  Some of you may have noticed that DreamCap was down for awhile in December, but thanks to xyzpdq and the DreamCap team, the site returned before the New Year.  One of the new threads in the Spicy Candy forum was from a poster asking for recommendations for good exercise videos.  

Given it was DreamCap, the videos included hot guys working out in the buff of course!   There were several great answers, but the one that intrigued me the most came from poster Michael Andrews73a.  Michael has inspired many stories on FH, including my regular features on nude male calendars. 

Michael shared a link to Exercise Buff, a site I'd not heard of before.  The site includes solo videos of both men in women in short, about 10 minute, work out videos.  The instructors start out full clothed, then remove pieces of clothing until full nude for the last couple of minutes. 

I work out daily, but actually prefer exercising in a t-shirt and shorts.  Because I usually work out at home, I'm often doing exercises on the floor, and using chairs, weights and door frames as part of my work out.  I don't want to have to wipe down everything from sweat after I'm done.  Although I like to be clothed, it's certainly motivating to work out while the hot instructor's in the nude. 

The videos are available to rent or stream on Vimeo's On Demand library HERE:  You can rent individual videos for just next to nothing, just over one dollar for each.  I don't know if the site is updating, and the videos appear to be a few years old, but still worth checking out. Thought I would give you a little teaser, with two my favorite instructors, Charles and Errol.