Monday, July 3, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 4th

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Delectably Draped 🦅


Images of the male form wrapped in the stars and stripes is a 4th of July staple, especially on FH!  Some of my favorites come from Tom from TR Pics.  In addition to these shots of Simm, you can check out more of Tom's work,  this time with James and Simba draped in the red, white and blue on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

100% American Beef!

Only the finest ingredients! 100% Dead Meat!

There's a reason most of us don't really want to know how the sausage, or in this case how the 'burger' is made.  The truth is often horrifying, and something the beef industry would rather us not know or ask questions about.

Every July 4th, I try to find an 'American' themed film to spotlight my 12 Days. This year I was struggling until coming upon a post by Daveid on DC. I have to thank Dave for introducing me to the 2014 horror comedy American Burger.  Writers Johan Bromander, Bonita Drake, Martin Wrench take us inside an American Burger factory for a peak under the bun to see how the beef gets ground and the burgers get made.

Of course every good burger starts with a good cut of meat, and American Burger gives us a nice slice of an adorable hottie from the heard. Find out whether he makes it out of the factory, or ends up on the BBQ at a 4th of July picnic on the PAGE THREE HERE:

All American: Broadway 1962

'You feel like a tiger,
Makin the other cats hop!
You've got physical fitness,
You're on Top!'

This post, was inspired by writer, Tony researcher and Theatre Aficionado Kevin Daly.  I enjoy following Kevin on Twitter, (HERE:) and earlier this month he posted an image from the 1962 Broadway musical All American.  I knew nothing about the show, and had not heard of it before.  But.. the image of a group of hotties in white briefs and jock-straps told me I had to learn more.

The show opened at the Winter Garden Theatre in March 1962 and ran from March through May 1962 with just 80 performances.  Based on a book by the then relatively unknown Mel Brooks, the musical featured actors Ray Bolger, Anita Gillette, Ron Husmann, Jed Allen, Fritz Weaver and Eileen Herlie. (All My Children).  

Following the success of Bye Bye Birdie two years earlier, music writers Lee Adams and Charles Strouse teamed with Brooks on the new musical.  Problems quickly arose with Brooks leaving the project before finishing the second act.  A series of mostly unfavorable reviews meant a quick end to the show.  Some positives did arise however including the song Once Upon A Time becoming a hit.  Brooks also used his experience on the show as the basis for his 1968 movie The Producers

The show begins with a group of immigrants arriving via plane in New York  Among them is Professor Stanislaus Fodorski, who has accepted a position as professor of engineering at a small college. He is greeted by the school's dean, Elizabeth Hawkes-Bullock. Surprised that the dean is a woman, he is even more surprised to learn he will be boarding in a room in her house

Fodorski's first engineering class does not go over well with any of the students except Ed, who has always been interested in bridges . The professor's fears about his teaching skills vanish when he watches his first football game, which he sees as an example of applied engineering.  He starts incorporating football strategy into his lessons, and soon all his students are engaged and learning.  

Sadly just the audio, could not find any video

A romance between the dean and the professor as well as Ed and a student named Susan.  Susan however, is confined to her room after Ed is caught trying to climb the ivy up to her dorm room. Fodorski visits the gym to give a pep talk to Ed and the rest of the football team.  It's then that the song 'Physical Fitness', appears in the show.  These images are from that song and although there is no actual nudity, there is plenty to see and enjoy!    

Alternative Action: Marvin by Bob Burkhardt

'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.'
Declaration of Independence

During the length of time that I've been working on FH, there have been four US Presidents in office.  For most of that time, I had no problem writing positive and hopeful posts, for and about the Fourth of July.  Sadly, that changed in 2016 when hate, bigotry and division were propelled to the forefront by the orange asshole who inhabited the White House.  

Yes, I know, I know, hate and bigotry were always there.  Until 2016 however, every leader in my lifetime, regardless of party, rejected the hate, and challenged their citizens to reject the ugly underbelly of a small minority.  Since 2016, it's been harder and harder for me to post  just fun 4th of July imagery, Positive rah-rah statements and  quotes about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are great, but yet the current divisions in the country have to also be recognized. 

I thought this year might be the year to get back to just celebratory piece..  Joe Biden is a decent man, and I fully support his policies and philosophies.  He's dedicated and compassionate, something so desperately missed the previous four years before he took office. I was also encouraged when earlier this year, SCOTUS struck down Alabama's congressional map which attempted to limit the power of Black voters.

Then this week happened with SCOTUS once again signaling to LGBTQ and minority citizens that they were lesser than, and should without the full rights written and granted by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston.  The issue wasn't only that that their recent decisions didn't propel us forward, most of us know, and have experienced how slow change can be.  The pain and frustration is because their decisions took us backwards, back to a place we'd already fought to move on from.

Although I remain confidant that one day things will be as they should be, with everyone seen as equal under the law, it's hard not to be impatient.    Still, I know one day, it's going to happen, especially if we all continue to push and fight. Those who believe in Democratic principals have to remain strong, and not give in, even on the little things.  Woke is a fucking great word, a word first used by Black Americans fighting racism in the 1940's. It's meaning is powerful, and it also bugs the shit out of so many on the right, especially the governor of Florida.  It's not time to shy away from being woke, or using the word, it's time to shout it even louder.

The extreme right have attempted to take so many positive things away.  The Bible at it's core is about equality, the Gospel of Matthew (7:12): tells us that 'In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you. .'  It's all about loving your neighbors, your fellow citizens.  Yet, right-winged evangelicals have used the Bible as a weapon of hate.  The Declaration of Independence is an important document and the flag a powerful symbol.  It's time to take them back and not allow spreaders of division and hate to own and use them against citizens of their own country. The American flag belong everywhere, just not on the back of pick-ups on their way to Trump rallies. 

I apologize for my rant, I really try not to get too political on FH.  I know every country in the world has struggles, including allies to the US. Canada is still struggling with many things, most prominently, it's history of mis-treatment of Indigenous peoples. Racism remains a struggle in the UK, and we've all seen the coverage of the current protests in France.  I could not however, just write light, celebratory posts without acknowledging the recent discriminatory decisions by the SCOTUS.

Some you might remember Marvin, whose work with photographer Bob Burkhardt I featured last November. (Eye Catcher)  When Bob initially sent on his work with Marvin last Autumn, I tucked away this series, thinking they'd be perfect for Independence Day.  When I initially saw these shots, especially the last series of images of Marvin removing his flag t-shirt as sexy and erotic.  They still are.  At the same time however, Marvin removing his shirt seemed to take a different meaning given recent events.  

I know this wasn't the intent when shot, but great visuals have ability to be seen through the lens of both the artist, as well as the viewer.  The also have the power to be viewed through the lens of the time they were captured and the time that they're seen.  If FH is still on-line years from now, even after I stop updating, I'll be curious how this post, these images, all of the images on the site in fact, are interpreted and seen.