Thursday, December 17, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 18th

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Seasonal Selfies

Holiday Bake

Every baker knows that some of the years most delicious bakes are those created over the holidays. Since this is the last Baker's Dozen for this year, I knew it was time to whisk and cream together a piece spotlighting model Matt Eldracher.  Check out Matt's Baker's Dozen on THE NEXT PAGE HERE: 

12 Days: Martin Cummins in The Christmas Shepherd

'Sally Brown, the widow of a veteran, is a published children's book author. After her husband dies she is left with just "Buddy", his German Shepherd. After a severe storm, Buddy runs off afraid setting in motion a series of events that are sure to unite more than just Buddy and Sally.'

Although Riverdale has a stable of hot hunks, many viewers, especially those over 20, have always been hot for Sherriff Keller. The show has wisely, although sporadically, been showcasing the sheriff's sexy side the last couple of seasons. When I saw that actor Martin Cummins was in a Christmas movie, I had to check it out.  

2014's The Christmas Shepherd features Cummins as widowed dad who brings home Buddy the German Shepherd after finding him in a shelter.  Cummins was as hot as ever as daddy Mark Green and Teri Polo wasn't the only one noticing his charms, and his tight back side.  I liked this movie, but struggled with Polo as the lead.  I'm not sure if it was the actress or the role, but Sally wasn't really an especially likable character.  I know Sally's a widow, and lonely, but I failed to see what exactly would draw Mark towards here, other than of course the dog...

Love Come Down (2000)


Canadian actor Cummins has been working steadily on television and in films since the late 80's.  I think he's appeared in almost every show filmed in his home country.  Some of his roles include turns on: My Secret Identity, 21 Jump Street, Highlander, Dark Angel, Smallville, KyleXY, The 4400 and Bates Motel.  In between his time as Tom Keller, Cummins also co-stars with Hillary Swank and Josh Charles in the new Netflix series Away.

Restless: Sergey by Richard Rothstein

'The creative mind is restless.'
Rishi Kapoor

Those on the east coast experienced their first real blast of snow this week.  In addition the beautiful blanket of white, there were also hundreds of car accidents, states of emergency called, and several deaths related to the storm.  Currently, it's heading north and heading through Atlantic Canada before eventually heading out to sea.

Like most animals, many of us felt a little restless the last few days.  For some, it's simply the worry or excitement of the impending blast of winter.  For others, the restlessness is organic.  Animals have always been known to exhibit unusual behavior before a storm.  For some animals, it may be in part due to their keen sense of of smell and hearing.  For others, it may be their ability to sense the change in barometric pressure that comes  along with having an intensely sensitive instincts.

Regardless of the reasons behind it, the restlessness manifests itself differently depending on the specific animal, and their specific desires and needs.  Some react with fear, causing them to make noises and seek protection and shelter.  Others, take on the leadership role, ensuring those around them are protected and kept safe.

For others, the restlessness is more carnal, signifying their desire to be close to another.  Their goal, although their often not aware of it, is to match the intensity of the storm's energy, with a similar level of climatic combustion. There actions, movements and body positions are focused on attracting another with the same goals.  This partnership is not meant to be permanent, but one where temptation is tethered to the tempest. 

As you can see and feel from this series from Richard Rothstein, Sergey is visibly and enthusiastically  restless.  Sergey's body movements and poses clearly indicate a clear and intensely erotic signal to those around him.  Both photographer and model are located in New York where the winter gust of Gail dumped more snow in the city than it did all of last winter. 

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