Thursday, February 1, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 1st

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Happy Birthday today February 1st

Happy Birthday to actor Matt Lattanzi!

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With Olivia Newton-John, early 80's

Ad Men

Blends In Like Camo!

Favorite Click of the Day:

Emilio Flores by Alejandro Brito

First Seen on: Image Amplified
Original Source: Risbel Magazine
Photographer: Alejandro Brito

Hide & Hair: O.J. Simmons by Bob Burkhardt

'People love to just grab it or want to play in it.'

I know, I know, but before your mind drifts elsewhere, the body part that model O.J Simmons is referring to, is his incredibly sexy and inviting beard. I can certainly understand why people would want to play with O.J's beard, in addition to looking long, soft and smooth, i'ts unique cut and shape immediately draw your attention. O.J. shares that he's being growing his beard this way for about 3 years and that it often draws compliments as well as attracting a lot of attention!

'I am always "a look alike," Oh you look like Lebron, Oh you look like Can I just look like myself "O.J.Simmons". I often think to myself that if I didn't have my beard.... how would I look?'

It wasn't actually O.J's beard that first first drew my attention. When I first saw some of photographer Bob Bukhardt's images on his Instagram, it was the crown above the beard, O.J's incredible smile, that had me reaching out to Bob about featuring their work together. Through his artistry, and proficiency with light and pose, Bob beautifully captures and highlights not only hide and hair, but every inch of O.J's incredible face, skin and physique.

The shoot first came together when O.J's agent (@workmagaine) tagged Bob in a few of his images on Instagram and encouraged O.J. to check out Bob's work. O.J. liked what he saw, especially the unique and tasteful way that Bob photographed his subjects. O.J. knew he had to contact about a shoot!

'We both agreed on the same theme and art and we immediately went to work. Bob made the whole shoot; he was patient, vocal, and passionate about each photo and pose. He made it very comfortable and easy going.'

For his part, Bob describes O.J. as a great surprise. They had talked briefly, and Bob had seen some of his photos and although he knew he wanted to work with him, didnt know what to expect from him as a model. Bob liked his look, a look he describes as a great blend of attractive and unique, and yes, especially O.J's beard.

'Although O.J's fairly new at this, he has a natural talent for modeling. The shoot went very well with a easy give and take between he and I. He's a talented model who I think we can expect to see great things from.'

When Bob sent on his work with O.J. I loved the way in which he captured O.J. in such a sensually tantalizing manner. The poses, the choice or wardrobe, especially the long johns and the red and white jacket, and the enticing way O.J. wore, and un-wore each piece of clothing. In addition to O.J's beard, there was another patch of body hair that Bob so beautifully used to balance and contrast.

Most photographers don't seem to pay much attention to a models bush, but O.J's case, especially contrasted with his beard, it is both a beautiful and distinctive part of his look. Bob's images, and the way in which O.J. positions his clothing, creates a sexy tease and reveal. In the same way in which women's fashion can act to intentionally highlight, and draw attention toward's the chest and cleavage, our eyes are drawn towards... Deliberately tugging both our focus, and our imagination.