Saturday, January 1, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 1st

Above: Corey Kirk by Chris Teel (See more below).

Happy New Year to all those who check in to FH on a regular basis. Special wishes to all the artists who have helped make FH a place I am proud of. 2010 was a year for personal reasons I am glad to see come to a close and am looking forward to a great 2011 full of lightness and fun!

Thank you all!


Check out previous birthday posts HERE: & HERE: for January 1st Birthdays with include supermodel Beiron Andersson (above) who turns 46 today.

Model Search: End Of The Road!

Today marks the end of voting for Model Search 2011 from Chris Teel and FH! As the contest began with Chris's shots of model Corey Kirk, Chris and I thought it a good idea to end on the same incredible note.

We have learned a lot through the process and given it was our first time putting on a contest thanks for putting up with the bumps along the road. I know for myself the voting went on a bit too long and was too choppy and if there is a model search 2012 there will be some changes.

Thanks to our wonderful panel of judges, all those who voted and especially all of the models, whether they made the final 10 or not who participated. Chris and I were thrilled with responses we got, especially given it was our first time.

Although the voting has been fierce a few models appeared to get the most attention from their families, friends and FH voters. In order to create a wee bit of mystery, we are ending the voting this afternoon with the results being kept a mystery until Chris and I reveal the winner. We have narrowed it down now to the top 5 finalists.

Corey The Bear by Chris Teel

Corey The Bear:
Corey Kirk by Chris Teel

Chris has shot Corey many times and in every shoot you can see the trust that comes through their friendship and close working relationship. Love this recent shoot by Chris. Corey, who always looks so incredible, strong and confident creates an entirely different feel with the use of the bears, sexy, light and fun.

Favorite Click Of The Day: David Wagner on BeautifulMag

I have written in the past that one of my inspirations for FH was BeautifulMag. I loves it clean classy look but more importantly I love the respect it shows the artists it features. As someone who at one time had the goal of professional photographer (I have written about the various weddings I shot) I have grown to loath the countless sites and blogs that post shot after shot of someones work with little to no text, sometimes their name, most times not even that.

In the tradition of BeautifulMag, FH tries to go beyond the photo and look at what went into to creating it. When FH does it job best I try to blend the view of the photographer and model (and stylist or make-up artist when able) to give a feel of what went into the creative process. It continues to fascinate me how some shots came together.

I felt privileged to discover the work of photographer David Wagner earlier this fall. David's work immediately jumped out at me. It is difficult to find new and creative ways to shoot the male form but through David's lens I really felt I was seeing something new and exciting. David generously has shared both his work and his thoughts about his work. (See David's work on FH HERE: & HERE:). It was wonderful recently to see David's work showcased on Beautiful. David's shots of the ultra hot Carlos Villar are spectacular and if you have not seen the shoot please head over to Beautiful HERE: and check them out ASAP!

Must add a Happy Birthday today to Rob From BeautifulMag!

Steve Howey in 'Shameless'

Although Reba was an average sit-com it did excel with it's casting. Steve Howey, besides being adorable, was always a stand out playing Van. Steve has been working steadily since Reba went off the air and is currently on screen as Kev in the new series from Showtime, 'Shameless'. I have yet to see an episode, but reviews and word of mouth have been great. Thanks to JAD poster Garth11 for the great caps!

Last two caps via Superherofan